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Saddlebags vs Tail Bags: What Should You Know Before Purchasing Motorcycle Luggage

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Saddlebags vs Tail Bags: What Should You Know Before Purchasing Motorcycle Luggage

It could be challenging to decide which of the many available luggage solutions will best meet your needs and complement your motorcycle. Find out more about saddlebags vs tail bags before making the final decision. This post will explain their main distinctions, characteristics, advantages, and compatibility.

  • Saddlebags
  • Tail Bag

Saddlebags or Panniers

For a motorbike, saddlebags (or panniers) are one of the most popular and widely accessible touring accessories for bikes. The term “baggers” refers to a type of motorbike that features integrated saddlebags in large numbers. The rear seat or the baggage rack of a motorbike can easily accommodate saddlebags, which offer enough space for luggage. 

Since you can typically mount the tank bags for bikes on each side of the motorcycle’s rear wheel, their placement does not affect the vehicle’s centre of gravity.

The experts divide saddlebags into “Soft Bags” and “Hard Bags” based on the construction type. Usually fashioned from actual leather, synthetic leather, textile, or another flexible material, soft bags feature a smooth or semi-rigid construction. Contrarily, hard bags have a robust, solid construction and feature materials like aluminium and plastic.

Continue reading this post to discover more information about saddlebags vs tail bags.

The storage capacity of saddlebags is enough, and they are simple to mount, detachable, and promise reasonable pricing. Some saddlebags can make it difficult for the passenger to reach the foot peg, but nowadays, saddlebags come with “teardrop” shapes to solve this issue.

Soft saddlebags are less waterproof than hard saddlebags, and there is a danger that the contents could face damages if something collides with the bag. However, a saddlebag is an intelligent choice if you’re looking to acquire a bag to carry your possessions on short journeys or shopping.

Saddlebags’ Definition and Essential Attributes

The side of your motorcycle is where saddlebags rest, spanning the back of the seat. Among the essential characteristics are the following:

  • Two-Way Zippers
  • Dependable Rubber Handles
  • Strengthened Side Bags
  • System For Quick Release Mounting
  • Quick-Release Buckles for Fastening


Long rides are perfect for saddlebags. They include numerous pockets to hold your items and are straightforward to instal and release. Once you separate them, you can carry them on your shoulder or over your arm. Good designs hug the side of your bike and have heat-resistant bottoms and big zip pockets with rubber pull tabs that are simple to load. These are a fantastic option if you’re looking for a rugged bag for lengthy rides that gives you more movement than a tank bag.


You can probably locate a bag that is compatible with the type of bike you own because there are many various designs available for these bags. Continue reading this article to learn more about saddlebags vs tail bags.

Tail Bags

The requirement for tail bags arises because saddlebags cannot accommodate all one’s belongings when travelling. People often mount them to the back seat luggage attachment- you may commonly position them behind the rider and sit erect. You may pack the luggage to the brim because tail bags have a soft shell and a semi-rigid construction. 

It’s a good idea to match the tail bag with a saddle bag because they are frequently available in pairs. Continue reading this article to learn more about saddlebags vs tail bags.

Tail bags impact the bike’s centre of gravity, although they are behind the rider and do not create any obstacles. Hardtop cases are typically more water tight than tail bags, and in some circumstances, the tail bag takes up part of the back seat, which is problematic for the pillion rider. Due to their poor latching and convenient detachability, tail bags are simple to steal.

Tail Bags’ Definition and Key Features 

Your motorcycle’s tail bag covers the passenger seat and a portion of the tail when mounted to the back. When purchasing a tail bag, there are a few essential qualities and advantages to consider:

  • Water-Resistant Storage Cover
  • Storage Space on The Side
  • Storage Outside
  • Durable Carrying Handle
  • Strap With Quick Release (Under Buckle)
  • Open Main Compartment with A Wide Mouth
  • Stronger Foundation


Tail bags allow you to greatly enhance your carrying capacity without the need for a luggage rack, making lengthy rides more convenient. Good designs promise to be adaptable, strong, and secure. The bag’s anti-scratch base guarantees that your bike won’t receive damage, and the bottom has hook and loop straps that you can use to secure the bag to the seat. You may continue riding in peace, knowing that your bike and the items in the pack are secure.


Sport, sport-touring, and adventure touring bikes can all have tail bags. The experts advise against using it for bicycles with tall sections wider than 10.2 inches.

End Note

This tutorial intends to help you comprehend saddlebags vs tail bags and put them together so that you will know what to look for and what you’re purchasing. The experts hope it’s helpful. Contact us by writing to Carorbis online if you’d like to learn more about this.

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