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Pangarchulla Peak Trek 2022 – Trek The Himalayas

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At a height of 15,010 feet, the Pangarchulla trek offers one of the most stunning views from the top. This hike can be done by beginners as well as any experienced hiker. Its difficulty level is moderate, but sometimes keeping up with nature can be a bit more difficult. This trek is located in Joshimath district of Uttarakhand,  280 km from Haridwar. If you’re lucky, you might see Himalayan bears and leopards as you trek through the  dense forests along the way. You will see Nnada Devi, Chaukhamba, Hathi Parbat and other amazing peaks. You can also see how some shepherds take care of their sheep in the  green meadows. This excursion is an absolute adrenaline rush.

 This trip takes about 6-7 days and one of the best things about this trek is that you  have enough time to appreciate the things you see around you, you  have enough time to admire the green meadows,  dense forests, and the hike up. In short, the  Pangarchulla peak trek is one of the best treks in the Himalayan region, but it is underrated. But we all know; all  things understated are better than advertised. This tour offers you both excitement and peace. 



 To reach Auli from Haridwar one has to drive  a distance of 285 km for about 8-9 hours. The trip is also  memorable as you travel through the mountains along the holy river Ganges. On the way to Auli you will pass Rishikesh, DevPrayag and RudraPrayag. You will see the confluence of two holy rivers of India viz. Bhagirathi and Alaknanda who make a very famous and unique pilgrimage here. 


 A total of 5-6 hours of hiking, through  green meadows and a wonderful view of  Nanda Devi mountain. It is approximately 5 km to  the starting point of the trek. You will pass oak, deodhar, maple and chestnut forests where you might  spot a bear or two. 


 3500 meters walking, it would take about 3- hours. A direct walk from Tali to Kaurisola, which is not tiring. And if you want to see the mesmerizing peaks, you can go to another pass and there are great views  too. Here you can see  Kedarnath, Neelkanth and Dronagri peaks. If you are a Bhole Bhagat, you will surely love the view. 


 It takes about 6-7 hours, if you start early you will see the most beautiful sunrise ever. It is covered with snow and it would be easier for all of you  to walk on hard snow early in the morning than on melted snow. 


 Now the journey begins to descend. The trip down is about 3-

 hours. The market, Dhak, is the final point of your journey. During the descent you  will cover many dense forests. The drive from Dhaka to Auli is 5-1 hours. 


 A massive journey of 280 km, around 7-8 hours will bring you thousands of memories. The beautiful forests, the greenery around you, the local customs and the local culture of this trip will stay with you for the rest of your life. Your hiking trip ends here. 


 The best time to trek Pangarchulla  is from  May to October. You can see snow-capped peaks and  walk on one too. The risk and complexity of the hike also depends on the month you decide to go to the peak. The post-monsoon period is also considered a very good time for this trip. Similar to winters, there is heavy snowfall in the mountains  and during monsoon, the movement of people is difficult and slippery. 


 This can be considered a difficult hike because the terrain is not suitable for beginners. It is located at a high altitude, so some people may have breathing problems. There is also a rocky and muddy path between the meadows and forests,  which can be difficult even for experienced hikers. If you’re ready to go up that high, you have to be ready. 

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