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Best trek to in India: Dayara Bugyal trek

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Dayara Bugyal


Dayara Bugyal is a mesmerizing and pleasant great trek in India. Mainly the Dayara Bugyal trek is situated in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand Himalayas in India. The Dayara Bugyal trek merged with the maximum altitude, 11,181 feet of the Bugyal. The Dayara Bugyal is covered with snow and a panorama of green meadows. Uttarakhand is decorated with the finest alpine meadows and beautiful forest areas, camping sites, famous ancient villages, and high points. The Dayara Bugyal place points out between high snow peaks and green meadows. In the whole Dayara Bugyal trek there is a great thing called Bedni Bugyal, the biggest Bugyal in Uttarakhand. 

When you are a trekker:

When you are trekking you have to keep in mind that whenever you walk, you are trekking on the right path. That is very important and mandatory. Because it is impossible to keep a guide. Most of trekkers go somewhere and maybe that is not the right path to walk. This can be harmful to your journey which can ruin your whole trek. The Himalayan hikers or trekkers have to go through any kind of situation. 

Safety comes first:

When you are a trekker you have to be conscious about yourself. Himalayan trekkers might be worried about the whole trek. 

About the whole trek:

The whole trek is decent and moderate. You can complete your whole trek in the months of summer and winter. The Dayara Bugyal trek is full of enjoyment for the first trekkers. At the end of the day, mental satisfaction will vary to boost your energy and confidence level in your life. For the winter treks, it is very necessary for human beings to go for treks between the ages of 10 to 55 years. The whole Dayara Bugyal trek will take approximately On foot 24 kilometres and by four wheelers 350 kilometers. In this whole trek, the altitudes of this trek is going to cover per a  day Rathil village which is 7423 feet and Gui-Camp is 9750 feet, and Bakaria top is 12645 feet.

3 nights and 4 days trek

The whole Dayara Bugyal trek takes 3 nights and 4 days to complete from Dehradun. From the beginning of the Dayara Bugyal trek is a base campaign which starts from Raithal village. rek the climate changes frequently. the temperature is in daylight 5C to 15°C and in the night 2°C- 12°C. In the meantime the winter season the temperature is in day -2°C to – 5°C and in the night -5°C to-15°C.The trek will be complete if you have more than six people. 

Special things about Dayara Bugyal trekking:

The Dayara Bugyal trek is an untroubled and peaceful level trek in India. It needs low fitness and is suitable for every age person other than Himalayan treks. In India there’s the highest meadows hike. It is very pleasurable for all the seasons. The full green scene appears in between April to October and the icy full covered snow appears in between November to March. Though the Dayara Bugyal trek is a small trek, it has a lot of things to discover and experience. The summit view points offer a complete peace. If a trek will be easy and moderate then it will be more effortless and peaceful. This trek’s destination offers  you a 360° view of Himalayan hills. Such as Mt Bandarpoonch, Mt Jaonli, Mt Srikanth and the Mt Draupadi ka Danda which seems from the bugyal. 

As per the local villagers the Dayara Bugyal trek is like a piece of land with its beautiful and charming views. Across the Himalayas the Bugyal is a lush of greenery. In thetrek, both summer and winter season, the peaks provide various sites for the trekkers. In the bugyal the meadows  are perfect in the winter season and twinkling with snow. And on the green meadows there are different types of flowers like white, yellow, and violet all over the peaks.


At Barsu the snowy valleys are covered side by side with snow and as well as green meadows. Passing through the thick green forest of alpine and silver oak trees along with Bhagirath river. The Bhagirathi river is across with green panoramic views.

If you are fixed in your mind that you are going for a trek, make sure that you are completely fit and ready for the trek. It will help you to deal with new things and through this process you can always find an easy way to go. 


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