July 13, 2024

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Tiktok- A Creative Space Or Useless Content?

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Assignment Help Pakistan, a platform that solve academic problem of students in dire need has raised a question about a social media platform; TikTok. TikTok is a Chinese video sharing application where individuals post their entertainment videos. But tik tok not in any way can be related to Instagram just because both the platforms are available for users to share videos.

Both the photo-sharing apps have different functionality but to some extent users abuse each of which. Moving to the topic of today’s discussion which is about the ever-green debate about TikTok being a creative space for all the individuals that do not get the opportunity to make it to the silver or golden screen. Or TikTok is about posting disturbing, useless and meaning less content. Well, the answer depends upon the type of tiktok content that you have signed up for.

TikTok allows its users to record a video of themselves while dub smashing on a famous movie, sertial or celebrity dialogue. The video is lengthen to be of fifteen seconds only. Now the users who make TikToks are termed as TikTokers. It depends upon their own creativity to the video that is shorten enough more creative, and entertaining so as to get more followers for their selves.

TikTok acts differently form users and viewers view point. Where on one end, users use TikTok to broadcast their talent, and after the attainment of a certain number of followers, the tiktokers can even start learning from the content they post after people love react to their content. On the other hand, the viewers who switch on to Tiktok are either deprived of too much drama and thriller content going around them or are even fond of cringe and hilarious content.

Moving beside the debate, the video sharing platform has been proven to be beneficial for a number of individuals who even got noticed from film makers and other celebrities and got a chance to broadcast their talents on national Television, and on Golden screens as well.

But the dark side of using tiktok that has been reported to be as the sole reason for the app to get banned by the government officials throughout the country is the level of danger that the activity can cause. Ranging from kids and youngsters shooting their selves in front of their cameras only to make a TikTok video has really disturbed the concerns of parents regarding the app.

Lastly, the whole pressure lies in dictating that whether the most loved video sharing app of teenagers is a waste of time or place to broadcast your talent. The truth is whatever the user in consideration feels like, because honestly once in our life time all of us have tried making a TikTok. How miserably we failed in that attempt is a topic of another day. But we all enjoy watching such tiktoks and as long as these videos does not have anything that harms any living thing we are pretty much okay and fine with it.

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