December 4, 2023

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How to cut your flooring expense? | Cost of vinyl flooring

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How to cut your flooring expense? | Cost of vinyl flooring

How to cut your flooring expense? | Cost of vinyl flooring

No doubt, replacing your flooring can cost you more than you expect. Also, it is hard to choose the best and affordable flooring from all the options out there. In that case, keeping quality and looks in mind is a bit tricky. But, many experts prefer LVP (luxury vinyl planks) over others. The reason is that you can lower the cost of vinyl flooring with ease.  

Moreover, using LVP can give you a durable base for years to come. The best part is that this luxury is totally in your pockets. There are some tricks to apply, and you can quickly lower the cost of the entire project. But, keeping the quality is essential for your safety. LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) is also a durable option for you.

Well, you can manage this task without going down on quality. Here are some easy tips to lower your flooring expense to some extent:

  1. Choose LVP flooring options
  2. Do not fall for the word luxury
  3. Choose the medium thickness
  4. Go for the stick-on method
  5. Buy from online retailers
  6. DIY installation
  7. Estimate the cost of vinyl flooring

1. Choose LVP flooring options:

For any budget, luxury vinyl plank flooring is the best choice. Not only do they offer luxury looks, but they provide long-lasting floors. So, if you want to have quality planks with an expensive outlook, opt for LVP flooring options. In addition, you also have the option of tiles (LVT) in it. It is one of the best materials for kitchen, bath, and basement within your range. 

2. Do not fall for luxury.

While shopping for floor options, you have ceramic tiles, marble, concrete, planks, and many other choices. But, never fall for the word luxury. Any salesperson can sugarcoat cheap tiles to make them a luxury. In this case, do not let the luxury fool you since you have plenty of other floor options. Plus, you have LVT that comes in various colors are designs.

3. Choose the medium thickness:

Whatever floor material you decide on, its thickness matters the most. Whether you go for vinyl planks or tiles, choose the medium thickness to lower its cost. The reason is that the quality and thickness factor adds to your total budget. So, the affordable LVP flooring is 3.4mm and 4.4mm.

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4. Go for the stick-on method:

Also known as the glue-down method, stick-on is a budget-friendly way of installing floor planks. Well, glued floor planks can be hard under your feet, but they can cost you less than others. However, it is better to go for underlayment before using planks. With or without the base, vinyl floor planks can resist dents and pressure very well. Well, do not forget to buy the adhesives for the task.

5. Buy from online retailers:

While many home improvement stores have many flooring options, online retailers are also a good option. There is nothing you cannot find in online stores. That is why many big names are selling floor planks and tiles at lower rates. In this way, all the needed info is just one click away. So, take the benefit of these online retailers and save some bucks on it. You can even save some on the installation fee.

6. DIY installation:

Well, DIY is the best way to cut out some expenses on floor planks. First of all, you can watch videos on vinyl installations. Then measure and cut them carefully. Also, keep 10% of the material for future repairs. Get some expert advice from a vinyl plank flooring store and help to align the vinyl planks. If you have the tools and the exact guidelines, you can do it with ease. 

Moreover, you can save up to $2000 over an entire project. But, it is better to try it in a spare room or a small area to avoid any blunders. 

7. Estimate the cost of vinyl flooring:

Getting an estimate is always a good idea. While vinyl floor planks are available at low prices, find out their average cost. In addition, talk to at least three installers to get a perfect estimate. Also, take your time while doing the task. After discussing your project, compare the cost of vinyl flooring and go for the one that fits your budget. And get the best people to do the job. 


Well, it is possible to cut down your expenses on floor options. In this case, luxury vinyl floor planks do sound costly, but they are not. On the contrary, they are budget-friendly. So, you can lower the cost of vinyl flooring by choosing medium thickness. Also, you can go for the stick-on method or simply DIY to save some money. LVP and LVT are both reasonable choices for you. For more options, consider Columbus flooring city to get the best planks at low prices.

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