July 14, 2024

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Decorate your room to make it look bigger

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Small rooms can be a pain in the neck sometimes. As a small space owner, I know how chaotic it is to decorate mini places. I am aware of the fact that owning a tiny room is a challenge in itself. With some effort and brainstorming, we can make a very small room appear bigger. There are some decorating hacks for home improvement that I have figured and tried myself. These hacks are expert in tricking the eye into perceiving a tiny room look bigger and more spacious. I have listed all these tips and tricks below for you to get inspired.

Either use very light or very dark colors

Here’s how colors can be a great help in making the room look bigger. In the world of design, it is very famous that bright paint colors make a room look bigger and brighter. Light and bright painted walls are highly recommended. They help to make the space feel open and airy, which helps to increase the effectiveness of natural light. Middle shades tend to make the rooms feel smaller. Besides colors feature wall is also a great help in making a room appear bigger.

So, you must be thinking. What colors make a room look spacious? For the best result, go with soft tones like white-green, soft black, stark white, and green. For dark shades go with dark navy, dark teil, purple, and coffee. Always remember that light or bright-colored rooms feel bigger and more welcoming.

your room look bigger and spacious

Use large but few decorative pieces rather than many small ones

Lots of gewgaws appear to feel like clutter and make the room look smaller. Try using the triangular rule when styling the coffee table, nightstands, dressers, and dining tables. Also, limit the decorations to 3 or 5 items. Believe me, you do not need decorative pieces in every single area of ​​your room. Let the room “breathe”.

Use large wall decors

If you have a small room and want to hang wall decorations. I suggest you go for one big piece of art rather than having a small wall gallery. If you are looking for a gallery wall with small pieces, limit it to one wall. Go with the simpler look for the other walls in the room. And it is good to leave some walls empty to prevent the room from feeling crowded and inordinate.

Place smaller lamps instead of one big lamp

Do not rely on a single source of light in the middle of a room. A single light hanging from the ceiling in your living room will simply throw a pool of light in the middle of the floor. Use multiple light sources to distribute light around the room. Create a brightly lit scheme by mixing roof lights, wall lamps, and lamps. This will help to lighten dark corners and brighten the whole room thus the room will look greater.

Go for one big piece of furniture

It is better to have a large sofa and 1 wing chair in the living room than four highlighting chairs. If you can fit a king-size bed in the bedroom, I suggest you go for it. My main bedroom is just big enough for a king-sized bed, but it makes the room appear bigger than the queen-size usually would.

Make use of mirrors

If you have ever encountered this thought, “Do mirrors make a room appear spacious?” Well, the answer is “Yes.” Mirrors can make your room appear more spacious. Use the focus point and point your mirrors at it to give your room more depth. Mirrors also reflect light that can be a great help to brighten the room.

Mirrors on the walls and on top of the glass table will also give your room a more open feel. You can also use mirror cabinet doors just like me. Have you ever thought about mirrors on the floor? That is also one of the smart ways to make a room seem bigger.

Make use of mirrors in small room


We try to make it a practice to clean cabinets, closets that feel “full” every six months to prevent our home from becoming overcrowded. Even a large, crowded room can appear small.

This is the most important thing you can do to make your space look bigger! I can’t tell you how open the room looks when it’s properly decluttered. Remove things you do not use anymore or do not need in the near future. There is no need to have 100 different books, magazines, toys, and knick-knacks that sit around and take up space. Choose a few favorites to save, and discard the rest. Unnecessary clutter can make the room feel smaller and smaller and make it harder for you to move around.

Minimalism also goes to the walls too. Do not cover your walls with too many pictures. One large drawing works better than a group of smaller drawings when you think about how you can make a room look bigger.

Also, try to keep the floor as clear as possible. Remove extra rugs to increase the floor space as well.

Use furniture with exposed legs

One trick to make the room look bigger is by showing the floor as much as possible. Your brain makes you think that more space means more room. So anything that allows you to see more of the floor area works for what you want. This is why furniture with long, uncovered legs are a great idea for a small room.

Removing the furniture from the floor, makes the room feel more open and airier than when the furniture is sitting on the floor.

Be smart with hanging curtains

Have you ever wondered what your room would look like if you hung your curtains differently? The plan is to start with long curtains. If you do not want to buy new curtains and yours will not reach the bottom if you move them up, you may try to sew a matching fabric panel under 1/4 of the curtain. I did this in my bedroom and I got the length I needed.

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