June 15, 2024

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Five B2B Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies

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There are countless B2B SaaS marketing strategies that will help you build awareness for your company’s products and services. Whether you focus on SEO, blogging, content development, social media or email marketing–there is something in this article for EVERYONE to take away.

Here are the top five B2B Saas Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies:

Social Media Marketing –

Social media platforms have become one of the most effective ways to market a product or service. With over 2 billion people using Facebook every month, why wouldn’t you want to post about your latest product update? Or share your blog posts with your followers? Even better, use these platforms for customer support. Not only can customer be done through social media channels, but it can be a valuable source of insight about your product.

LinkedIn is the perfect B2B platform for SaaS companies to reach business professionals. Let’s face it, if you have a business degree or MBA, chances are at some point LinkedIn was part of your daily routine. Your CEO probably has a profile and so should representatives from crude oil buyers company. Beyond having their own personal profiles, I’ve seen success with people using LinkedIn groups to engage others in relevant topics. For example, maybe there isn’t an official HubSpot group on LinkedIn (yet) – why don’t you start one? The result will be exposure to thousands of potential customers just waiting to join!

HubSpot’s blog has over 100 employees writing industry-related articles every month. Why wouldn’t you want to create similar content for your website? Think about this: HubSpot writes 2-3 posts every day, five days a week–that’s around 1,500 posts per year! That’s why HubSpot has roughly 135k social shares each month. This kind of exposure is priceless because people are talking about your company without any effort on your part.

Does your business have the bandwidth to handle blogging? If not, don’t worry; there are many things you can do to market your product without writing blog articles (don’t worry, we’ll get there). But if you decide blogging is right for you, make sure you follow these simple rules:

1) Post at least one new article every two weeks,

2) Include a link to your product within the article,

3) Provide value for your readers by sharing industry-related tips or resources. Email Marketing – Yes, people still read emails on a daily basis! It just takes one great email campaign to get the ball rolling. A few ideas for B2B email marketing campaigns are sending “How-to” guides, Thought Leadership content and Product Updates.

If you have an ecommerce platform or application with built in automation capabilities, start with setting up abandoned cart reminders . This simple email will help users remember about items they were shopping for but didn’t complete checkout. Even better, try automated email series based on specific behaviors, such as purchasing frequency , loyalty status  or even geographic location.

Don’t forget the power of transactional emails ! If someone is opening, reading and clicking your emails, odds are they’re interested in what you have to offer. Take advantage of this behavior by sending transactional emails offering discounts, coupons or even free products/services for referrals . By taking a proactive approach like this, customers know you appreciate their business (and it’s cheaper than paying for ads).

Content Marketing –

This marketing strategy has become somewhat of a buzz word over the last few years because of companies like Dollar Shave Club, who created hilarious commercials that went viral on social media platforms. While having great content doesn’t guarantee success (it needs to be promoted), it can help your company stand out from competitors and reach prospects who are using social media to research solutions.

When it comes to your website content, there are endless possibilities that may or may not be right for your business. Here are just a few ideas:

eBooks –

Try creating short eBooks (think 6-10 pages) on topics related to your industry. This is great for generating leads because people will want to download them in exchange for their email address. Giveaways – Use this marketing strategy in two ways, one if you’re launching a new product and need beta testers (or even early users). While this might sound like you’re giving away something for free, the result is always better customer relationships . After all, think about how much you would appreciate getting an iPhone 7 before it’s even available to the public. The second way is by offering giveaways for social shares after someone has filled out a form on your website, which can be used to collect email addresses, too!

eBooks & Giveaways –

This is similar to the one above but with a slightly different twist. With this marketing strategy, you’ll create an eBook and giveaway that are related only within the same landing page . For example, if you’re creating an eCommerce solution for Ecommerce Managers , offer an eBook about 10 ways to save money on shipping costs along with a bonus 1-month trial of your application. This will give prospects more reasons to convert and helps increase your chances at becoming their “go-to” resource (and hopefully gain their loyalty in the process).

Customer Education –

This is one of my favorite marketing strategies because it streamlines your sales cycle, which means higher conversion rates. The best part is you’re providing value to prospective customers by educating them about a pain point they may be facing with their current solution. Think about all the ways you can make someone’s life easier or more manageable and create content based on that information. For example, if you were creating an application for Sales Professionals, why not provide some tips for making cold calls?

Whatever you decide to do for these B2B SaaS marketing strategies , always keep the customer at the center! These are just ideas but with some brainstorming and creativity, your business will benefit greatly from leveraging digital marketing.

What’s your favorite marketing strategy?

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