September 28, 2023

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What Are the Risks Involved in Not Hiring a Conveyancer?

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Chances are that if you’ve never been involved with selling or buying a property before, you probably haven’t dealt with a conveyancer before either. The role of a conveyancer during a transaction like this is easily one of the most important. Ordinarily, the conveyancer is appointed by the seller but paid for by the buyer. 

You may land up paying more in the long run 

In some cases, negotiations can be made to not appoint a conveyancer at all. This may sound like a great idea at first from a money-saving perspective, however, it could end up costing you a lot more at the end of the day. To break it down, what you may save in your pocket, you may instead gain in trouble. 

Therefore, if you can afford to hire a conveyancer, you should. Their goal is to do everything properly from the very beginning. To ensure no costly disputes or errors occur later on. If you can’t afford to pay for a conveyancer. You may also be able to negotiable with the seller to share this expense.

The role of a conveyancer is complicated and complex

Their job is to highlight and explain everything to you during the buying and selling process. Because they are specialists in their field, these highlights often include things you would otherwise miss. 

They are responsible for handling the contract, giving you legal advice, carrying out local council searches, dealing with the land registry. Registry of deeds and transferring the funds you’ll need to purchase the property – to name a few. 

As you can see, the buying a selling process entails numerous steps, each presenting its own potential for errors and obstacles. When you hire a conveyancer, you can rest easy knowing that a professional in the matter is systematically getting everything done correctly.

Working through the entire property transaction takes time

There’s a reason why professionals in their field get the job done at a far quicker rate than someone who otherwise isn’t one. Conveyancers have studied and trained specifically to handle all the paperwork and legal matters included during a property transaction. 

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If you do choose to handle these matters on your own. You must be prepared for the possibility of a far lengthier purchasing process. You’ll have to go through everything yourself, including learning and understanding complicated legal jargon. 

You probably won’t get the inside scoop 

Contracts are generally written according to the side of the writer’s best interests. This means that they may purposely leave out information about the property or local area that would otherwise stop you from signing it. They could also add “in between the lines” information that ends up roping you into something you weren’t even aware of. 

Along with possible hidden interests, a local conveyancer will also know the inside scoop. When it comes to the area ad property you are buying in. This can have a huge effect on your resale value. For example, it’s their job to know if a hotel is to be built right next to your house, or if the property’s selling price doesn’t quite match up to others of similar value in the area. 

Who can benefit from hiring a conveyancer?

Both buyers and sellers will benefit from hiring a conveyancer. As it not only ensures no room for error but also simplifies and speeds up the entire transaction process. Although it’s possible to go without one, there are risks involved which should be considered beforehand. If you go this route, you should always proceed with caution. 

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