June 8, 2024

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Say it with love: Valentine’s jewellery gift ideas for her

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All you need is love, but a little jewellery now and then doesn’t hurt! Head over heels with the love of your life? ‘Tis the season to say it and say it with a personal touch. Get over the mundane and get your beloved something special & personal that will stay with them and be close to their heart forever. Valentine’s day 2023 is right around the corner & is the perfect day to express your feelings and make your special someone happier than ever.

Chocolates and flowers die & get eaten but jewellery is forever. Looking for a way to preserve your love & keep it etched in something that lasts forever? Jewellery is a personal & an intimate gift, every piece of jewellery tells a story, & speaks of the person wearing it & the person gifting it. Why not commemorate your love in a special way & get them something that they will always hold dear & close? Say it with Salve & explore their range for some stunning jewellery for your beloved.

There is no rule that says you can’t go with the classics, a red rose bouquet that is an ages old symbol of love, but wouldn’t it be nice to give your partner something that is as special and unique as your love? Undoubtedly, you should get them something that is heartwarming, special, and speaks on your behalf of the love you have for them. What’s better is getting them something that is special, practical, and also budget-friendly? This Valentine’s, surprise them and give them a piece of your heart with some stunning jewellery pieces, after all, jewellery is an intimate gift, and jewellery always fits. Everyone has a special and unique sense of style, especially when it comes to accessories and jewellery. Read for some special valentine’s day gift ideas for her/him/them:

1.A beautiful jewellery pendant that will stay close to their heart, always:

Buying jewellery for your partner is one thing, but making them wear a beautiful pendant while they’re blindfolded is another level of intimacy and the stuff of dreams. Get your special someone a pendant chain that is special to them and speaks of you and your relationship or how well you know them. Get a pendant that has a stone that’s their favourite colour, their favourite gem, or something that resembles a personal memory or inside joke.

Make it personal and special. If you know their taste or know of something that they have been eyeing, get it for them. A pendant is an intimate piece of jewellery that will fall against their heart at all times, and so you get to be near them and their heart even when you’re not. Opt for a classic pendant that is versatile and budget friendly and make them wear it on your special night, so they can flaunt it all Valentine’s. 

2.Give them a piece of your heart:

Cliches aren’t so bad with someone you truly love and have a heart-on for. Heart shaped jewellery has been around for ages and centuries and have been a popular intimate gift for as long as time, but it is afterall an intimate and special gift. Giving someone a piece of your heart literally and metaphorically in a piece of jewellery is as romantic as it gets. Look for a beautiful heart pendant or a necklace with little hearts and let your heart fall close to their heart at all times. Go for a metal/colour they like- gold/silver etc. 

3.Keep this love in a photograph:

We’re going vintage with this one. A heart photo case takes us right back to black and white films and the era of true romance. Get your loved one a beautiful heart case pendant that is inspired by all things vintage, romantic, and intimate. Photo case pendants and necklaces have evolved in style and functionality, so you could opt for something that is minimal and dainty, or even a multi-layer necklace. No one will know what they’re keeping inside their heart and their pendant heart. Keep this love in a photograph and put your photo of them and your own in a photocase and let that do the trick.

4.A promise ring that’s a promise of love:

Expressing your love doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be true, and you. A promise should be given with love and kept with care. Promise rings are the new cool. You don’t need to be close to an engagement to get your special someone a promise ring, just the promise of love. Get your beloved a ring that is as romantic as it gets, truly. Go for an adjustable high quality ring and opt for the kind of designs they find nice. It could be something peppy or playful, or classy and a classic, a huge stone that looks like a diamond ring, or a band ring.

There are no rules. Our suggestion would be to go for a beautiful stainless steel silver-toned ring with a minimal band design with a beautiful stone placement. You can never go wrong with the classics, put the ring inside a cake or hide it somewhere they wouldn’t be expecting it and celebrate the moment with your loved one, brought to you by Salve.

5.Red is the colour of love:

It’s no hidden fact that red is the colour of all things intense, red is the colour of love. Get your beloved a beautiful ruby-red or scarlet red dainty pendant with an adjustable chain or a ring with a ruby-red coloured stone. Remember, cliches feel like the most special thing ever with your loved one. Getting a pair of red earrings or a bracelet with hints of red, or making someone wear a red stone pendant or necklace, that is the rom-com we’d all been dreaming of. So, go all out for the love of your life and make it a gesture to remember. 

Feeling inspired? Is it all feeling a little too dreamy & grinny? We know the feeling! Valentine’s day is just one of the 365 days for you to make them feel special, but it is the one day you could make a little bit of an extra effort that you can’t on other days because of work commitments, & a hundred other things we have to do on a day-to-day basis. So, without getting caught in the everyday hustle bustle, make this day a little more special than every other & explore a wide range of stunning fashion jewellery at an affordable price, stainless steel anti-tarnish jewellery for her at the best prices online at Salve. Say it with love & slay it with Salve!

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