June 13, 2024

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Medical Receptionist Software In Hospitals Facilities

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Our medical receptionist software is intended to provide a safe and secure check-in experience for all visitors. The visitor management system collaborates with leading hospitals and healthcare facilities. We all know that the primary goal of healthcare is to provide care for patients, and visitor management creates a safe environment for staff members to do their jobs and assist the community in healing. Maintaining security has become more difficult across all hospitals using a visitor management system; however, many hospitals are still using a paper logbook, which does not provide the same level of security and transparency that a visitor management system does.

Here are some of the COVID Visitor Restrictions:- COVID-19 imposes new restrictions on patient visitors in hospitals across the country. With a custom questionnaire, our software can pre-screen visitors before they enter the building. Temperature scanning, patient room capacity limits, contact tracing with reports, and a digital check-out process are also available.

Healthcare Visitor Check-In Process

  1. Check-In for Visitors: Pre-registered visitors can sign in by scanning their QR code, while walk-in visitors must enter their information manually. This touch less check-in provides the high level of the security to the visitors.
  2. Visitor Badge: A badge will be printed for the visitor immediately. Including the visitor’s photo, personalized information, and your company’s logo. With the visitor badges you can deny the access of the unauthorized person at the hospital and identify the visitors.
  3. Visitor Check-Out: Using the QR code printed on their badges, visitors check-in at the kiosk. Security can now always know who is on the premises.

Increased Hospital Security through Visitor Management

For the last decade, hospitals and healthcare facilities have relied on us to improve their overall security by implementing our hospital reception desk software system. At rest and in transit, all customer data is encrypted. To help reduce the risk of cyber attacks, all data is stored in a unique private environment rather than on a shared server.

  • Scannable ID: To check-in visitors quickly and securely, read an ID industry-standard barcode found on any state-issued driver’s license.
  • Badges for Visitor:- After a visitor has been approved for check-in, instantly print visitor badges. The visitor’s photo, your company’s logo, and customizable fields are all included in the badge.
  • Watch lists:- Hospitals can create watchlists for all of their sites, perform instant background checks, and send instant alerts to security officers when a visitor is flagged.
  • NDAs must be signed:-There are numerous NDA options available for various visitor types. Capture a digital signature from visitors who are signing an NDA.

Conclusion: As hospitals place a greater emphasis on the patient and visitor experience, visitor management solutions are being implemented to improve the overall check-in process and to keep staff and patients safe. We’ve compiled a list of additional resources to assist your facility in successfully implementing and implementing a visitor management system. With this system you can enhance the security and efficiency of the hospitals.

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