April 13, 2024

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Different Creative Types of Custom Pillow Boxes Deigns

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custom pillow boxes

The use of packaging protects your products from damage and increases the beauty of your products. But if your products place in the astonished and enchanting product packaging, it positively impacts the customer’s mind. The use of custom pillow boxes is perfect for packing your products. Here is some reason that makes the pillow boxes our best choices. 

  • Best to pack your products in secure boxes 
  • Make from any kind of cardstock 
  • Able to attach handles 
  • Strong interlocking system hold products 
  • Capable of using coatings, foiling, and another add-on 

Here is some best design that consumes for various reasons to pack your goods. 

Use Pillow Shape Box to Send Cards 

Pillow-shaped boxes are the best option to send invitation cards to various events. On this subject, you need to craft an invitation card pillow-shaped, and then you need to place it in a pillow box. Now it’s ready to land in the hands of your customer’s guests. In addition to this, every buyer has the choice to pick multiple options that enhance the value of your card. 

Pillow Box with Handle to Carry Heavy Weight Things 

As we know, you can customize these boxes as per your choice. No matter what size of box you need to pack your products, consequently 

; You can easily get any size as per your choice. Similarly, custom pillow boxes are available in multiple styles and designs to pack your prestigious products. So, equip your box with a handgrip to make it easier to carry around. In this regard, the handle pillow boxes are best that provide facilitation to your customers to easily carry in their hands. Such boxes make from cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated material to hold your products. 

Light Color Pillow Boxes for Favor at Events 

Most of the brands use multiple colors for your pillow boxes, but it is best for you to pick fabulous printed pillow boxes wholesale. Moreover, light colors make for good and vibrant designs that attract users. People love to bestow favor to their loved ones on events to encourage their values of hospitality. So, the use of light colors to give your favorite box an awesome and splendid look is a perfect choice. However, if you have a special theme for any party, you can choose colors for your pillow favor boxes as per your theme. 

Apply Spot UV Pattern on Pillow Box for Shiny Text

Simple boxes with shiny text do make good packaging for cosmetics and jewelry. The shiny surface of the box looks attractive and spellbinding for the people as well as grasp the attention of a huge number of customers. Due to this, many jewelry sellers and cosmetic manufacturers use pillow-shaped boxes for this purpose. Furthermore, they use elegant additional add-on for design patterns on these boxes. But the extra shiny and glossy look of the pillow box gives the esthetic look of your products. 

Textured Design Pillow Boxes for Retail 

Manufacturers use engaging textured instead of flat or plain view to make them enthralling pillow packaging boxes for retail products. Such sort of boxes have some textured look likes symmetrical designs. Apart from this, the use of a polka dot and the floral pattern is also common for this type of pillowcase design. Textured design pillow boxes are perfect for packing soap, candles, hair extensions, lashes, and medicines. If you want to pack a bulk quantity of products in these boxes, you can also use wholesale custom pillow boxes. 

Quirky Patterns for Window Pillow Boxes 

Most of the brands use 3D graphics and illustrative patterns on custom printed pillow boxes. As similar to another style of pillow boxes, the use of window pillow boxes is also most famous in the all-over industries to pack the enlisting things. 


  • Candies 
  • Soap
  • Candles 
  • Medicine 
  • Eyelash 
  • Hair extension 

So, by using window cutouts and eco-friendly cardstock for your pillow boxes, you can provide a better display to your products. If you want, you will use patterns of various colors to make the transparent window look enhanced. Next top this; you can leave the sides of your box and have an alluring design on the front and back. If you want to design pillow boxes accurately and up to the mark to provide a presentable display, you must read the mentioned article; it helps you improve your pillow box packaging. 

Final Thoughts: 

So, this article explains the best design of custom pillow boxes that are used for a different purposes. Therefore, you need to choose esthetic colors as per your taste; likewise,  you can use light colors, citrus hues, and muted shades for pillow boxes as per your choice. Plus, you can be customized design your pillow boxes according to any event band consumption motive. So, make your pillow boxes adorable and sublime for your target audiences.

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