July 13, 2024

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Create Beautiful Kids-Friendly Custom Product Packaging

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Custom Printed Product Boxes

Custom Product Packaging We are noticing that more clean and easy to carry packaging is covering the everyday life items.  The post pandemic era has prompted the packaging industry to design more planned and eco-friendly Custom Products packaging to come up with the need of the hour. A plethora of stuff is flood with the packaging plans for adult customers.  But, what about our teens and teeny weenies?

It’s obvious that the packaging strategies for adult customers can be simple and stereotypical as they are mature folks. However, for our little captains and teens, it’s different.  As a product packaging expert, it’s more than important for you to be mindful of the fact that kids serve as the direct game changers who give rapid boom to the marketing world. These little folks drive their guardians’ purchase decisions by insisting them to buy their favorite products. They even exercise their own purchasing power. They don’t hesitate to spend much to get whatever pleases them. That’s why; you call them as ‘kidsumers’ in marketing terms.  So, the packaging strategists must think out of the box to hold up their businesses.

 Hence, the smart marketing experts must take some important steps to inspire the ‘kidsumers’ to increase their sales. 

6 Ways to Make the Product Packaging more attractive to kids

These are some smarter ways to make the Wholesale Custom Product Packaging more accessible to our teen costumers.

Use the power of Super Heroes and Archetyping

In simplest terms, the kids’ consumer brands generate incredible sales if they endeavor to create emotional connection of kids with their products. You can create this emotional connection by simply imprinting the scintillating images of heroes and superheroes.  The employment of these heroic images on your Wholesale Custom Product Packaging will be in accordance with the child psychology.  Moreover, for your information, the famous psychologist Carl Jung calls them as archetypes. Archetypes inspire the kids in the form of a hero, magician, clown, king, Jester, outlaw or life savior.

The archetypes also appear in popular superhero movies as Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. archetypes inspire the little captains by saving human lives from disasters and enemies.  It’s highly recement to populate your packaging covers with these heroic characters. If you keep tabs on the popular brands, you would notice that most of the ‘midsummer’ brands are Hero brands.

Decorate your packaging with Cartoons

Who is here to claim that his kids don’t love cartoons? No one here of course. In every corner of this planet Earth surrounds the homes with kids sitting in front of the big LCDs.  You would see the little teeny weenies laughing on Tom in Tom and Jerry series.  You would notice small girlies captivated with Dora the Explorer. The cartoon characters like Disney princess, Popeye the Sailor, and Mickey Mouse bring giggles and smiles on the kids’ countenance.

The kids just love them.  You must use the same archetypal effect in your product packaging regardless of the product category. Whether you work for the food and beverages, design for clothing or go for the toy industry, you must adorn your packaging with these kids-friendly characters. This will not only generate higher sale rates but also enhance the beauty of your brand packaging as well.

Inspire the Kids with their favorite personalities

We know that the growing up enthusiastic teens love sports and games. They love playing sports like football, cricket, basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton and many other sporty activities.  The sports and games are one of the best sources of exercise and fun. The folks learn a lot from these vital sports and games. These sports and games have an immense ability to make the kids physically and mentally active. While adding on further, the robust sports personalities also bring smiles on the faces of young folks. It is countless sports personalities in the world who are adorned by the kids. Among all the world’s famous personalities, some prominent and idolized names are Steve Smith, Andre Johnson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messy and etc.

Hence the list of your kids’ favorites never ends. The classic kids oriented product brands always endeavor to create the image of the famous and most favorite personalities for their businesses. In many cases, the brand itself is inspire by these VIPs.  All the world’s top brands like Think: Pepsi, Toys “R” Us, Domino’s Pizza Hut are the kids’ favorite brands. These brands employ the names of the distinct personalities. These are not represent by the character. Furthermore, we can also imprint the names of the famous T.V series and film personalities to grab the attention of young kids for the sales.

Use Codes and Universal Symbols

The research notes the lack of product accessibility to the visually impaired folks. This lack of product accessibility is follow by the absence of inclusivity for the differently abled persons. The smarter brands use the tactile symbols in their products to ensure inclusivity in their consumer packaging. These tactile symbols help the visually impaired kids to recognize what sort of product they are using. The intelligent owners of classic brands also include the QR codes. These codes when scan are link to an audio message which explains the product description, principal ingredients, directions to use and even the link of their official website.

Wholesale Custom Product Packaging
Wholesale Custom Product Packaging

Write Short Words on the front panel

It is pretty obvious that the pictorial communication outweighs the verbal one. However, for the brand’s loyalty issue the smart selection of short and purposeful words on the front panel of the packaging becomes very crucial. It’s inevitable for the brand owners to ensure the reliability of their products in meaningful words. Hence the perfect combination of verbal and pictorial cues especially on the front panel of the product packaging also enables the kids’ guardian to read and see the product quality completely.

Use Quality Colors for the Kids friendly packaging

Colors play the most vital role in the successful Wholesale Custom Product Packaging. The product owners are always mindful of the marketing reality that the visual presentation of the product packaging is the most important attention-grabbing strategy in the consumer marketplace. Hence it’s very important to go for a meticulous selection of colors in product packaging. Every customer and ‘midsummer’ alike is attractive by the colorful packaging and products. The scintillating packaging may work as a magnet for your small cutie customers

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