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What to do in case of theft or loss of the house keys?

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Keys lost, forgotten inside, broken in the lock, or stolen… Impossible to get home, and you are distraught. What to do in case of theft or loss of keys? If your first instinct may be to contact a locksmith, you should first consider getting your home insurance, which can save you high costs. What warranty does the home insurance cover? Does it provide for the intervention of a locksmith? How much will it cost? Do not panic! We will accompany you and answer all your questions.

In summary

Did you know? Calling a locksmith is not the first thing to do. It is advisable to contact your insurer or check on your lyanne.fr customer area to find out about the guarantees of your home insurance. Your insurer may be able to cover part (or all) of the locksmith’s intervention costs.

Theft lost keys broken or forgotten inside: what to do?

Calling a locksmith may not be the right solution. The first thing to do is remember the route you have just taken. Think of all the places you’ve stopped.

Where to look for your keys inside?

Check the strategic places  before starting the process:

  • On the kitchen table or your desk
  • In your purse or the pockets of your coat, you may have forgotten to put them down after opening the door
  • In front of the entrance door, at ground level, they may have fallen
  • Under your furniture
  • Ask those around you, they may have used them, or your child has played with them
  • In front of the front door; at ground level, as they may have fallen

It is also strongly recommended to leave a spare key with a relative or caretaker. This type of precaution can allow you to solve the problem of lost keys quickly and save you from paying expensive costs to call a locksmith. Tenants can go to the owner, who usually has an emergency key.

Theft lost keys broken or forgotten inside: Call your insurer

The best thing to do is to turn to your insurance company which, through its assistance service, has a network of trusted professionals to recommend to you, who can intervene quickly, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Your

insurer will, in most cases, take part in the cost of the intervention. Receiving this kind of assistance can be life-saving!

Theft lost keys broken or forgotten inside: Think about the safety of your belongings

Is your address or your name mentioned on your bunch of keys? You may have lost your bag where your papers were and your bunch of keys to connect your keys to your home?

If so, then the risk of burglary is actual and probable. For this reason, in the event of theft, you must file a complaint with the police station within 24 hours of the incident and inform your insurer within 48 hours.

Do not hesitate to change your locks without delay for more security.

How to find a reliable locksmith?

Following a loss of keys, the concern rises very quickly. That is particularly the case when one finds oneself locked outside with young children. However, it is crucial not to contact the first professional who comes and does your research, especially when you find yourself locked out with young children.

When you type “locksmith + the name of your city” on a search engine, avoid contacting those who have paid to appear first in the list of results (the word “Ad” is appended to their names). Instead, consult the opinions to contact a competent professional. Similarly, it is common to find the phone number of a locksmith displayed in his building.

Theft breakage forgetting inside or loss of keys: what does your home insurance cover?

Depending on the home insurance contracts (basic or complete formula) and the circumstances (theft, breakage, forgetting inside, or loss of the keys), the guarantees and services offered by the insurance companies differ. The insurer can offer a locksmith Tampa repair service. This coverage occurs when the insured can no longer return home for lack of keys to open the door.

What support for labor and spare parts?

In general, the cost of spare parts and labor remains your responsibility and the production of a new set of keys. However, please note that some insurers offer you a better level of cover by reimbursing the first hour of labor.

Following a loss of keys: how to be reimbursed for locksmith fees?

Be careful: the contracts often provide for the intervention of a locksmith selected by the insurer with a quality charter and negotiated rates. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid as far as possible contacting a professional directly under penalty of being refused reimbursement of the service.

In addition, if you have made a declaration of loss at a local police station, do not forget to attach a copy to your insurer.

Specific guarantee to be taken out as an option for the loss or theft of keys

In addition to the assistance service or breakdown service, insurance companies may offer specific “theft/loss of keys” cover in multi-risk home contracts.

This “theft/loss of keys” guarantee offers more excellent coverage than simple assistance. Indeed, it guarantees you the reimbursement of the costs of replacing the lock (identical to the previous one) and of making new keys.

Similarly, material costs (barrel, keys, etc.) are included in the compensation up to a guaranteed maximum amount.

Limits and exclusions

This guarantee still has some exclusions and limits which differ according to the insurance companies:

  • Theft only: the guarantee may only cover theft (and not the loss of keys). In this case, it is necessary to prove the theft to the insurer to be compensated by presenting a complaint to the competent authorities.
  • Place and circumstances of the theft: some insurers can guarantee all types of theft (inside and outside the home). But others only guarantee compensation in the theft of the keys inside the house.

Note that if the keys are stolen while they were in a mailbox or under a doormat, the insurer will consider that you have been negligent and will not be able to cover the claim.

Lost or stolen keys: how to avoid them?

To avoid this type of risk:

  • Leave a duplicate key with someone you trust or several (for example, a member of your family and a trusted neighbor).
  • Do not display your details on your keyring, such as on a tag.
  • Do not store all your keys on the same set (home, office, car, garage, etc.).
  • Choose a very visible keychain to find it easily!
  • Acquire a key fob connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Then, in case of loss, you can immediately locate your keys.

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