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Travel blog ideas for Beginners

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Travel blog

Travel is among the most popular blog areas and provides many content ideas and is among the top kinds of blogs that earn money. However, when you’re looking for inspiration, here’s a an inventory of 50 ideas for travel blog posts to get your blog moving.

If you receive a large portion of your traffic via Google or Pinterest. You may have noticed that a lot of the travel content is templated in the same way. People search for ” the best day trips” and choose the city they prefer to visit.

Travel Content & Blog Post Ideas

Here’s an overview of topics and ideas to make use of for your next travel blog post. I’ve also provided the links to some great examples of Digital Princess article to use as a reference.

1. Day excursions

A large number of travelers want to take day trips within a certain city or hub that they’re visiting.

For instance, in Arizona there are a lot of people are searching for “day trips from Phoenix” or similar searches.

This is a fantastic idea for a travel blog post due to the sheer variety of hubs you could explore is nearly endless.

Many popular types of angles, and some examples of:

  • day trips out of Phoenix (any major city)
  • day excursions throughout Paris
  • day trips on trains from London

2. Road journeys

My family, including my wife and kids, and I enjoy road trips We’ve travelled all across the midwest, southwest and northeast.

This is an idea for a Verbal Communication blog post I’ve been searching for (and wrote about) in the past.

It is also a fantastic blog post category due to the many variations you can incorporate into your plans.

A road trip with children across the southwest region, as an example is quite different from a romantic outdoor road journey in the Pacific Northwest.

It is also possible to include various useful content that can help you decide the best places to stay, where to eat, and the most ideal timings to plan your journey.

3. Weekend trips

Living in Phoenix is a great place to go weekends out – anywhere to escape the heat of summer.

The posts on weekend trips are fantastic because they allow you to string several locations or concentrate on one city or even a destination.

4. Scenic drives

Like road excursions scenic drives are an excellent topic due to the infinite variety and personalization you can include to your content.

Nearly every state or region has searches for scenic drives. Therefore, this is a great topic to include no matter where you are or live.

5. Train journeys

Train rides are romantic and have a nostalgia that makes them a timeless staple within the realm of travel blogs.

You can go over a specific route, or create an index of the top train rides within a particular region.

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6. Pet-friendly excursions

The experience of traveling with four-legged companions isn’t always straightforward, which is why many travelers are able to find ways to entertain themselves and accommodations for their pets.

For additional ideas for traveling in a pet-friendly manner, visit Bring Frido. Which is a guide for pet owners who travel with their dogs.

7. Transportation options for public use

In large cities or in abroad, travelers want to know what public transportation options are most suitable.

You could also note places in which it is best to rent an automobile rental or places where you’ll need to depend on taxis, subways or walking.

It could be part of a bigger “what to do” article however, if you locate an area that offers sufficient options and information this can be utilized as a stand-alone article.

Things to Do (or Not!)

8. Activities to engage children

Traveling with children – particularly toddlers and babies – adds an entirely new level of research and preparation on the agenda, not just for weekend trips that are quick.

The initial few trips my wife and I made with our twins, who were born in the same year, were a wake-up call , compared to the regular, packed trips we typically did as two couples.

This provides plenty of content possibilities for families traveling with kids.

As well as activities to take part in as a family, take a consider eating out with children or which restaurants are appropriate for kids.

9. Things to do during the night

Many destinations come with laundry list of things to do however, what to do after dark is a completely different matter.

They may include more nightlife-oriented attractions, but they also might include tours or attractions which are most enjoyable at night.

This particular article is ideal for cities with many things happening Think New York City, Barcelona, Los Angeles.

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10. Things to do with your friends

Solo travelers also need ideas This is a great opportunity to make the unique “things to do article.”

These articles could contain places to go or eat at, as well as where to stay when you’re traveling on your own.

11. Things to do in certain seasons

Travel destinations vary depending on location and season . For instance, what you can do in NYC in summer is quite different from what you experience during winter.

When you’re able to focus on one particular time period, you’ll be able to create a unique, useful checklist of activities which is more useful than a general checklist that could not be useful to all the time.

12. Things to be romantic about

There are several variations but the basic idea behind the articles is to discuss things couples can do together.

Of of course there are more romantic spots that others. However, you’ll be surprised by that a lot of people are looking for things like “romantic things to do in Prescott,” which implies that you could write about these topics almost anywhere.

13. Things to do that aren’t touristy

This is where this kind of blog post becomes fascinating: the tourist-oriented to go on non-touristy activities.

They’re bored of the same attractions and are looking for something different from the beaten track. Therefore, give the opportunity to them!

If you’re only relying on your research, this piece isn’t easy to write. However, when you’ve got firsthand knowledge of a location that you’ve visited and not been to It’s a fantastic option to differentiate your information.

It’s also an excellent subject to be thinking about to be able to recall in the future – whenever you travel to the city of your choice, check what you can find that isn’t on the radar spots and attractions that could be suitable for this kind of post.

14. Free activities to enjoy

Typically, this type content is usually part of a bigger, more general items to do list However, if you find enough free activities that you could do around the subject you prefer There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a separate blog article.

It is also possible to be imaginative with these kinds of articles since you can include things that are free. Also, don’t forget to mention going to a park or walk through the city, for instance Boston’s Freedom Trail in Boston.

15. What not to do

As with #13, this is all about staying clear of the tourists’ traps which plague the larger destinations instead, focus on the activities and places that are worth the effort.

But, while sometimes the biggest tourist attractions are worth the effort, while some times they’re not. If you’re traveling across the Four Corners of the southwest region, for instance it’s possible that you will not decide to visit the Four Corners Monument – some visitors love it, while others view it as a tourist attraction that’s too cute.

These lists could be about etiquette, traveling safety, and the things to avoid in other cities to be safe and have fun.

16. What not to eat

Food and drink in the local area is an exciting aspect of traveling, however there are times when it is helpful to know which is best to avoid, particularly when you have an irritable stomach.

For a more detailed piece, you can create a an outline of what you should you should avoid eating and the foods you ought to take a look at, such as the following example.

How to write all those things on your blogs

If you want to have success as a travel blogger, you’ll need to assemble a long list of blog post ideas.

Before you even launch your travel blog, you need to start thinking of a good number of content ideas.

The travel blogging niche may seem a bit saturated with so many travel bloggers. But there are steps you can take to create a unique blog that entertains and informs your readers.

 Here are some good questions with ideas for travel blog posts:

  • What are some of the best travel tips you find yourself sharing with others?
  • What are some of your personal favourite “secret” travel destinations?
  • Are there certain amazing products or services you use on your journeys?
  • How do you plan your travels?
  • Do you have any good tips for holiday travel?
  • What inspired you to become a travel blogger? Try to think of as many reasons as you can.
  • Can you remember a moment in your travels when you needed help from a travel expert or guide?
  • What are some awesome quotes about travel that you love?
  • What travel experiences were a hit with you as a kid?
  • Can you think of some travel experiences that truly amazed you?
  • What are some of the best travel books you’ve read and love?

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