September 28, 2023

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Top Best Parental Control Apps For Android Phone

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Top Best Parental Control Apps For Android Phone

Parenting is difficult, particularly in this advanced age. Kids have huge loads of issues and the greater part of them are associated with the innovative world or present digital devices. Parental control apps provide the best solutions of all these problems.

According to an estimate of Pew Research Centre, 71 % of parents in the USA are worried that their children aged 11 or more are spending so much time on the screen than in any other activity. Now kids including teens are having their school breaks. They are spending 20 percent more time on their mobiles phone using different apps and online games. With the shift of all the academics to online systems the situation has become more worst.

Half of the day spent on screen because of the educational classes. Online curriculum activities while other half time spent in usual entertainment like watching YouTube, social media apps, online games, and more. These statistics regarding the time spent on the smart gadgets is alarming as it can trigger different physical. Mental abnormalities in children especially minors.

Monitor Teens online Actives

At any point observe parent that is completely happy with their youngsters in this fast tech brimming with shocks life. All things considered, I haven’t yet. Regardless of whether you say you are the one then you may be capricious parent and youngster may be concealing something from you. Simply joking people!. There is distant chance that some place on the planet there is the presence of glad family. Where guardians have no bad things to say from the young teens. The youngster is completely carrying on with the existence with no conflict or any sort of distress from the parental side.

Just imagine if you are spending most of the day watching Instagram of other famous people. How people are spending their time learning new skill, etc. Then in case, you are struggling with bad mental health, this kind of stuff can be even triggering for you. Unfortunately, there is nothing much we do to avoid screen time as most of us are ordered to stay at home because of the pandemic. So all we do follow the basic health protocol and stay home but there is another trick as well. Especially for those of you, who are stuck with their teenagers at home and are worried. how to keep them busy in the most productive way. Now you can know about their screen activities and can even manage the time spent with the smart gadgets.

There are tons of apps available in the market that offer the best parental control features for android. Here are some of them.

OgyMogy Best Parental Control App:

On top of the list is the cloud-based OgyMogy is the best parental control app for android. It offers a friendly user interface thus parents who are not that good with technology or gadgets. They can even use the app very easily. Moreover, more than one way of payment makes it easy for parents to choose a bundle that is easy and flexible for them. The list of features offered by the app is quite trustworthy as you can confidently use the app to keep a strict eye on your kid. All your kid’s data is safe with the OgyMogy app. The video recordings saved on web portal and parents remotely access the portal whenever they want. Some of the silent features are as follows.

Access to Live Location:

Use the live GPS feature to track the real-time location of the kid at any given time Location tracking feature is useful in daily routine as well as for out-of-station school trips.

Access To Friends And Circle:

 Use the mic bug feature and listened to friends and circle discussion to know about the company of the kid.

Phone Calls recording:

User listen to live phone calls & record phone calls with the help of call recoding app feature.

Access to Screen Recording:

Real-time screen monitoring is possible with OgyMogy best parental control app for android. Use this feature to know bout the screen time of the kid and recoding screen.

Access to Social Media:

Know about every social media move with the social media monitoring feature of the OgyMogy. Parents can view text messages, images, voice messages.

Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family is one of the powerful apps which offers so many features that can controlled easily at home by parents. It includes tracking location, internet surfing and scheduling of time, android apps, and text message monitoring.

TheOneSpy App:

TheOneSpy app is another famous multi-purpose app that offers extraordinary parental control app features. Users can remotely access the teenager gadget and keep an eye on the digital and real-life activities with ease.

Very useful app, fastest more than 95% of users on daily basis, 24/7 data monitoring. Features include call log monitoring, internet and social media check, live location, alerts of foul texts or conversations, apps blocking, contacts, pictures, and video monitoring.

Company-owned digital devices can used by employers to keep an eye on the employees. The employee monitoring app offers monitoring features like mic bugs, call recording, live listen are one of them. Users can use mic of target device to listen to surrounding voices, discuss, and random chats around latest employees.

The use of live screen recording features is a real blessing for the employer and parents community. The parental control app offers real-time monitoring of the screen activities of the employees and kids devices. In short, you can make a surprise visit whenever you want to any of the employee’s or children screens to know what are they up to. You can check the progress on the assigned task, any group chat discussion, and more. The feature also saves all the screen activity data in the form of short videos and snapshots.


Has almost all the control features you desire. It provides detailed information on received text messages, blocking numbers, setting screen time.

Every parent has right to know about their kid’s life and use of OgyMogy best parental control app for android is only best way.

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