December 4, 2023

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Top 8 Latest designs in the best floor tile stores online

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Top 8 Latest designs in the best floor tile stores online

When you visit a tile store, there are endless options in front of you. From designs to quality, you have got everything just a click away. If you want to know more about the latest trends, keep on reading. There are several options in the best floor tile stores online. The flooring market has so much to offer. But, make sure you get the right design for your home.

In addition, we all focus on the design of the floor. Sometimes we forget that quality is vital. But, you do not have to compromise on the style and pattern of the floor tiles. Whether it is for the bath, kitchen, or any other area, you get to pick the latest designs out there.  

There are hundreds of designs, colors, and patterns in floor tiles. So, here is the list of some of the latest designs in floor tiles:

  1. Wood tile collection
  2. Mosaic shower tiles
  3. Faux marble tiles
  4. Three-dimensional tiles
  5. Moroccan style tiles
  6. Honed finish in tiles
  7. Large-format tiles
  8. Bold and irregular patterns

  1. Wood tile collection:

Tiles with wooden texture are back in the game. Now, you will get to see different tiles with a wooden look. Back in the day, wood used to be organic and natural for floors. But now, the wood tiles are usually synthetic. However, they give them natural colors and lines. So, these tiles with a wooden outlook are best for rustic or farm-style bath spaces.

  1. Mosaic shower tiles:

Well, mosaic tiles were never out of style. But, you will find graphic designs in these tiles. In this way, these tiles are basically for the shower area. That is why many people love to have them as shower backsplashes. But, these patterns are not random. They fit perfectly in the shower area. For a modern theme, go for these graphic designs.

  1. Faux marble tiles:

It is a stunning choice for bathrooms. Although, it might not match the essence of the true marble. But, it has several strikes against it. So, it’s delicate, care-sensitive, prone to staining, and very costly. On the other hand, you visit the online store, and people are crazy about its looks. Also, it recreates the intricate veining and depth of the marble slabs. So natural that it is hard to tell the difference sometimes. It is the best option to go for luxury tiles on a smaller budget. 

  1. Three-dimensional tiles:

No doubt, 3-D is everywhere. Nowadays, you will find this visual effect in almost every item. In this case, 3-D tiles are the latest trends in bath vanities. The best floor tiles store online have unique sets in this section. Also, they can be actual and both illusions. Moreover, these tiles are eye-catching for most people. In this way, you can either make your bathroom look large or small. 

  1. Moroccan style tiles:

This one is the newest of all styles. It is similar to mosaic and subway tiles. But, it has a more elegant look than the others. You will love the finish it gives to the walls. Also, it comes in various shapes and designs. Moreover, it has slight curves that add flair to the walls. In the same way, they have a high-gloss finish that looks great on the shower walls. 

  1. Honed finish in tiles:

No doubt, glossy and subway tiles are still in trend. But, honed finishes are there in the latest designs. You will love the look of diamond-shaped tile with a smooth finish. Also, these matte tiles have their charm and style. In addition, they never fail to grab your attention. So, if you want a quiet and calm interior, go for a honed finish in tiles. 

  1. Large-format tiles:

Diamond and penny-style floor tiles are always in demand. But, you will see large tiles with bold formats in the latest home trends. They are Over scale versions are also great. Also, it creates a smooth, sleek look with fewer joints and grout lines. In the same way, it feels less busy than smaller tiles. Plus, they are easier to install in an adjacent space.

  1. Bold and irregular patterns:

These days, bolder and non-repeating patterns are very much in fashion. In bold and cheerful colors, they create a unique outlook in the bathroom. These floor tiles extend from the shower to the rest of the space. Also, they flow all over the floor in an irregular pattern. 

How to find the best floor tile stores online?

Do some research to find the best online tile store. Compare the prices, design, and quality of different tile stores. Then, find one with the most recent designs. 

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In case you are looking for the latest designs in floor tiles, look no further. The discussion on the new patterns is right here. And, is one of the best floor tile stores online. Also, you have wooden, faux marble, 3-D, and more recent styles in bathroom floor tiles. Moreover, there are many new designs in shower tiles as well. So, get the best one for your home floor. 

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