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Tips to consider when buying a security camera

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Security camera

In a world where crime is the new trend and no one feels safe in their space, it is hard to feel protected. To avoid such fear, people install surveillance cameras. Security camera can be found everywhere, outside houses, in stores, train stations, and even in public parks.

Owners of businesses fear shoplifters and install cameras. Shopping Malls, general stores, restaurants, airports, even the streets have installed cameras for safety purposes. Security cameras are considered an important aspect in keeping your house, business, or construction site safe.

crime under check with security camera

This is a fantastic way to keep the crime under check. However, all cameras have a certain capacity for storing video footage. Once that capacity is full or the duration given is up, you won’t be able to access the footage as it gets deleted permanently. The question here is, how long do security cameras keep footage?

What to expect from your security camera’s storage?

No matter what the size of your home is, finding the best ways to keep it safe and secure should be your priority. Moreover, with the massive collection of services that are now available, anything is possible. People can modify their homes with the security system of their choice, in the manner, they find most comfortable.

Just like nothing can be accomplished without learning the basics, the key to a secure environment is learning the basics of security tools before using them. It is important to know how a tool functions before going ahead with it.

Expecting it to save all the files would be unrealistic. Even if the camera has a high storage capacity, it cannot possibly store that many videos without deleting old ones.

How long do security cameras store the footage?

No matter how much you filter through the internet, no definite answer can be found. The amount of time that security cameras keep footage depends on a number of factors. Each camera has a different period of time that it stores footage for. Let’s find out what these defining factors are.

security cameras footage

Camera type

Most people tend to avoid using just a security camera for footage storage as it does not provide much storage capacity. They use additional devices or services along with the camera to save the footage for a longer period of time.

So, in order to find out which camera suits your needs, be sure to find out the amount of storage it offers. Also, it is important to check which services and devices it is compatible with.

Local storage capacity

There are different ways to store your footage. One of them is saving it locally. To store footage locally, you will need an SD card or such memory card that is compatible with the camera. These files can be saved or deleted whenever you want.

The downside of this method is that the amount of files you can save depends on the storage of the SD card. Also that if the SD card is damaged, the data could be lost forever. When the memory card is full, a new one has to be bought or old files need to be deleted.

Cloud Storage

There is another option to use instead of the manual one. It is to use the cloud to store your footage. Although most companies typically charge a fee for this service, this is the quickest and easiest way to keep track of your footage and gain access to it immediately.

Cloud storage is inexpensive. Depending on the package purchased, users can store either some footage or almost all of their footage for days, months, or even years. This option is ideal for those who prefer to work with online storage rather than with an array of devices.

Important Tips when you buy your first security camera

Unless you’ve used a security camera system before, it is impossible to know which camera is good for your needs. Well, no one’s judging you, in fact, I’m here to help you out.

Below are some important points which may be helpful for you when you buy a security camera system that fits your needs perfectly.

  1. Make sure your security cameras can capture the details you want

Going through the day’s footage but finding blurry details is the last thing you want. Often at crime scenes, CCTV footages help identify the culprit.

Even if the camera provides ample storage, it would be useless. Because having a blurred video would be of no use if you’re looking for license plates or such details.

In order to capture all the details clearly, you need to look for a security camera with at least 2-5 megapixels. It should also have a zoom-in function for identifying things that are further away.

  1. Reliable security camera footage

Losing videos is really painful, especially the video clips that could come into use when searching for clues or hints later.

A security camera would fail its purpose if there is no video available when a robbery or theft takes place. To avoid such a problem, make sure the company and the model are reliable. Double-check the reviews and guarantee of the product before buying it.

Security camera usage

The main record-keeping requirements remain consistent no matter what the model or brand of the camera. Before you start using one, there are some things that you need to know about the capturing and managing of these records.

  1. Which records to capture

You need to store surveillance records for a period of time before deleting them. you cannot capture and save everything nor can you delete everything. So, it is important to know which records need to be saved.

Determining which ones need to be formally captured will depend on the type of record, why they were created, and whether or not they provide evidence of an incident, crime, or such other information.

  1. How long to keep them

Surveillance records can be maintained for as long as the owner wants. The amount of time that they need to be kept depends on why they’re needed and the purpose they serve.

For example, a normal day in a store can be deleted as soon as possible but once featuring a theft needs to be saved for longer.

3. How to capture

How you capture your footage is quite essential as well. The camera needs to be precisely angled in order to get a good view of everyone passing by and all the activities taking place.

When transferring data to a backup device, the footage should not be altered in any way. The original and secondary footage should be kept apart and labeled as so.


Nowadays, safety is our top priority. with the help of security footage cameras, you can view your store or home from where you are. This is possible due to the viewing access offered 24/7 by the security system.

It doesn’t matter what type of system you are seeking or what your home security budget is. I’m sure you will find the perfect system with Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud storage to secure your home and family.

Let me know if you were able to improve your security system by reading my article in the comments below.

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