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Tips for dealing with different skin types, and recommended beauty products

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You might have noticed that everybody has a different facial structure. Similarly, different people have different skin types. This is because skin type is determined by genetics. A specific beauty product might work for one person, and not for another person. Generally speaking, there are five skin types.

  1. Normal skin
  2. Oily skin
  3. Dry skin
  4. Combination skin
  5. Sensitive skin

Normal skin is neither too oily nor too dry. It has regular texture and does not need any special care or treatment. Oily skin is due to excessive fat production and has a porous, humid and bright appearance. Oily skin is more common in adolescents, young people and people having acne. Dry skin is caused due to external factors like low humidity and weather etc. Dry skin can leave cracks in the skin, leaving it more exposed to bacteria and skin infections. Combination skin, as suggested by the name, is combination of oily and dry or normal skin. People with sensitive skin or irritated skin have to fight the roughness, dryness, etc. It is more prone to reacting with stimuli, whereas normal skin remains immune to stimuli.

Only Clinically tested and waterproof beauty products are useable by people having sensitive skin. New and experimental products might have a bad reaction to sensitive skins. People with normal skin can use almost any type of beauty products, unless suggested otherwise. People with combination skin, dry skin and oily skin have a large variety from which they choose a beauty product. They have a hard time choosing and buying the beauty products in USA ideal for their skin types. Only viable option is to refer dermatologists who have studied each skin type in detail. Only they can suggest the beauty products that a person with certain skin type should use.

MAC Face and Body Shades come highly recommended for dry skin types. Influencers and bloggers have reported that MAC Face and Body Foundation works a miracle. The glossy, dewy and radiant glow coverage that it provides is absolutely amazing. Celebrities have to maintain a glowing face throughout their days. MAC Face and Body Foundation can give out that great glistening and lustrous face finishing for great photos and looking fresh.

This beauty product does not perfect your skin, it just enhances your skin and evens out the skin tone. The finish it provides is not powdery, its not cracked skin. It just provides a great glow to your skin. People with combination skin as well as dry skin type can use this great product to get a glossy and glistening coverage. This is your go-to photogenic Foundation base. You can notice MAC face and body shades in a picture, but it makes up for great pictures. Your face would glow perfectly when that flash hits your great smile. You do not even have to add any touch up layer in case the first layer fades off. buy mascara online usa The finishing touch it provides will last throughout your day.

For an oily skin, its great to suggest Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation. The matte finishing is perfect for the pores that people with oily skin have to deal with. Along with keeping the excess oil production in control, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s matte finishing provided full coverage, and hides the pores very well too.

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