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Qualities of Rolling Shutters you must know

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Rolling Shutters

The rolling shutter guide rails are installed on both sides of the door opening. The curtain piece is clamped between the two guide rails, and the drive shaft is installed on the upper side of the door hole. The door opener is external or tubular. The curtain piece is connected with the transmission shaft through a hanging piece or a spring piece, and the rotation of the door opener drives the transmission shaft to rotate so that the curtain piece is rolled up or down along the outer diameter of the transmission shaft to achieve the effect of opening and closing. 

The door opener with the manual device can be used in areas with frequent power outages, and the door leaf can be opened manually when the power is out. A safety anti-collision device can be installed under the door leaf, which will quickly stop and return to the fully open state if obstacles are encountered when closing the door to ensure the safe entry of people/objects.

After years of scientific and technological achievements, with its unique aluminum alloy formula, the hardness, flexibility, and elasticity of rolling door profiles have reached the commanding heights of domestic aluminum industry technology. The aluminum alloy rolling shutter door is a replacement product of the traditional rolling shutter. The door piece is made of double-layer (single-layer) aluminum alloy, and the appearance adopts advanced powder coating surface treatment technology. It is a humanized design that integrates decoration and protection functions and has an intelligent opening function product. It is suitable for high-end villas, commercial streets, high-end residential buildings, banks, factories, and workshops.

The surface adopts powder electrostatic spraying, the color is delicious, does not fade, does not have layers, does not change yellow, and is used for a long time. It fully reflects the master’s noble taste and makes the building icing on the cake and more luxurious.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Aluminum alloy rolling shutters: The production process of aluminum alloy rolling shutters is rigorous, and the muffler strips and sealing codes are made of high-quality raw rubber.
  • Performance: It is quieter, more lubricated, and more beautiful. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, and anti-mosquito functions, reducing radiation, and reducing indoor energy consumption to ensure no worries.
  • The surface of the electric rolling shutter door has a special process treatment, which can be fireproof, heat preservation, anti-theft and wind resistance, durable, high-end and beautiful, and easy to use.
  • Using radio remote control operation or control box button operation, the automatic rolling shutter can be accurately positioned. Equipped with infrared monitoring, when the door is moving, it will automatically stop moving if an obstacle crosses.

Resistant to weather

Windows with roller shutters feature wind, rain, snow, and sand resistance. Add the doors and windows of the building with a protective barrier.

Protection against theft

The window protection aluminium shutter is also a lovely safeguard. Fully closed windows can prevent bricks and balls from damaging a glass pane and prevent theft from intruding. With regard to burglary, the knowledge of rolling shutters with aluminium alloy is that they can somehow prohibit robbers from intruding in.

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