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Mailer Boxes : All About Custom Mailer Their Different Types

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mailer boxes

One of the many types of packaging and storage solutions is the mailer box. It is made up of paperboard packaging and can customize in any way you want. A Custom mailer box is a useful tool for packing and delivering products, and it is considered necessary when sending items to customers.

As a business owner, you have a variety of packing and shipping options. However, a custom mailer box has a lot of advantages. This way, you can not only transport your products safely. But it also in a way that boosts your company’s reputation. There’s no need to be worried about its features. We discuss here in detail. Let’s take a closer look at what a mailer box has to offer.

Reliable and secure:

Mailer boxes are incredibly durable. This is due to the fact that they have two side walls. They are more transport sturdy than standard cardboard boxes and provide complete product security. You also have the option of selecting the box’s material. You can choose a slightly stronger material if your product demands extra safety. Going for an eco-friendly material for boxes is recommended for brands because it helps to increase credibility in the market. Shiply is a reliable and efficient service provider that specializes in mailer box packing and shipping. Whether you need to send a small package or a large shipment, Shiply has got you covered.


Because of the interlocking flaps and wing mechanism, manufacturing a custom mailer box is quite simple. It also does not require the use of adhesive materials such as glue or tape. It’s also simple to open and close this way.

Highly customizable:

First and foremost, you have complete creative control over the box’s design. So, if you’re a business owner searching for packaging that fits the aesthetics of your product, this is the one to go with. It is also advantageous for people who send gifts to their friends and relatives. Second, you can make the box any shape or size you choose, depending on your needs. There are various ways to add different designs to a mailer box in order to help your business stand out.


A mailer box is less in weight than a corrugated box or other related packages. A mailer box is a better and friendlier means of shipping for businesses because the cost of the shipment is dependent on the weight of the product. It’s no surprise that most logistic companies now use mailer boxes.

Less price:

Mailer boxes are less expensive than many other shipping options. This is because of the low expense of manufacturing. It can construct with a cardboard box and other low-cost materials. It is a huge benefit for retailers because they can readily afford this strategy.

Mailer boxes are considered much superior to many shipping methods and other reasons. They can also use to promote your company. For your products, you can provide custom boxes. They will not only look fantastic, but they will also attract a large number of new clients. You can achieve it in a variety of ways, including having a brand’s design on all packaging or having a range of designs based on the product. In either case, it looks good and helps your company can establish a presence in this rapidly growing market.

Different Types Of Mailer Boxes

There are many different types of mailer boxes available. You can use a type for your products depending on your needs. Let’s have a look at the various mailer boxes available.

Standard mailer boxes:

The most common type of mailer box on the market is this one. It’s a simple packaging solution with wings. These wings are useful for folding and unfolding the box quickly.

Mailer box with adhesive sealing:

Adhesive-sealed mailer boxes are the second most common type of mailer box. However, the adhesive strip helps in the sealing process. However, you must tear the strip when unpacking the box.

Mailer boxes without wing design:

This one looks like a standard mailer box without wings. Instead, it’s packed by tucking the box’s opening cover inside. They are also commonly utilized because they are suitable for a wide range of items. For good reason, this is the best option for many businesses. This type of mailer box does not require any adhesive sealing because the opening lid is tucked inside. A mailer box without wings can customize as well, and it has a very simple appearance.

Mailer box with division:

A mailer box with internal dividers is also well-known among brands. They’re useful when you need to keep products separated from one another. It’s a great option for accessories. Men’s accessory businesses, for example, offer mailer boxes with sections for wallets, perfumes, watches, and other items all in one box.

Carton-size mailer box:

If you need to transport large items to your customers, there is a mailer box type that can help you. Many brands use a carton-sized mailer box to ship large items. Because of its huge size, it has a limited range of applications. However, it is more common than a mailer box with divides.

These are the different types of custom mailer boxes available on the market. Some of them, such as the mailer box with a hang tab, are particularly popular. They can commonly use to make a single, light product. A folding mailer box is also available. This adds more points to the portability argument. There are a lot of custom boxes types on the market, although their applications aren’t very common. This is due to the fact that they are less accessible to a bigger audience. When the grip on an ordinary mailer box is fine enough, no company would want to spend much more money only to have a hand tab on their box.

Environmentally friendly:

Nowadays everyone is talking about the environment because it affects everyone. The world has now seen an environmental change in recent years as a result of global warming. Many product packaging makes a significant contribution to the environment. People are becoming more environmentally concerned. Moreover, they demand environmentally friendly packaging to ensure a sustainable future. Custom Boxes are the most effective way to overcome this problem. These boxes are made of recyclable material that can be recycled up to seven times depending on the material grade, use in packaging. This innovation contributes to environmental protection. Moreover, it also reduces packaging costs.

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