July 14, 2024

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Know about the five ways you can get ready for a home valuation

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Do you want to find the accurate price estimate of your home through a home valuation? So to ensure that you get the best possible valuation for your home there are some things you can do. But it is also important for you to choose the services of the best estate agency to get a property valuation in Surrey because they will perform a good home valuation for you so you feel satisfied with the result. 

If you have planned to move to a new home and have decided to sell your current home and want to know its value before you sell it then follow the smart ways to increase its value in the market and receive a good valuation.

Prepare to clean and declutter

You can clean the floors and other surfaces in your home because a clean home will directly affect how much your house worth to the estate agent valuing the home. Plus if your home looks clean, it will look more spacious to an observer. Further, you can also try to declutter your home by removing any large furniture or object in the home. Only leave furniture or décor items that do not take up lots of space and by following this smart tip you are making it more possible for your home to get a better valuation. 

Not only the living room, but you also have to consider making the kitchen neat and clutter-free too. In a home valuation, these are the interior areas that will be taken into consideration so focus on them. 

Spend time on outdoor makeover 

If you want to get a good valuation for your home and attract more buyers then you have to take care of the outdoors too. If the outdoors is filled with untrimmed bushes and fallen leaves it will not be a good sight. So you can trim the grass or bushes if they are overgrown and get rid of any unnecessary obstacles on the path. Also, you can plan to create an outdoor dining area or other fun additions to enhance its looks. It will greatly increase the worth of your property. 

Choose neutral colours

If you have painted your home in dark colours, you can opt for neutral shades of paint before a home valuation. This will help the agent valuing the property to get a good impression of the home and offers them an opportunity to give an amazing valuation. Further, neutral colours are the best option because it appeals to many home buyers as it is trending. So it will surely make a big difference for your home if you want to prepare it for home valuation. 

Make the rooms bright and airy 

If you want to make your home look as homely as you can, allow lots of light and air to enter inside it. So when property experts come to value or view your house in Surrey it will look more appealing to them. The rooms in the natural light will look more brilliant to the viewers and more welcoming. 

In addition, you can try to keep the temperature of the rooms more comfortable. For instance, you can close the windows during the winter to keep the room warm and cosy. 

Do some research from your side 

You can also get a rough idea of how much a property gets valued based on the property market in your area. This will enable you to know the worth of your property and you can implement some ideas to improve its looks or add any extra features to increase its value. But if you have any doubts about it, you can ask your estate agent and they will help you to better understand the current situation of the property market. 

Book a property valuation from Surrey estate agents 

If you want to get a property valuation for your home in Surrey, contact the estate agents operating in the area. Depending on the size of your property, it can take approximately half an hour to one hour for your property to get valued. After the process, the estate agent will do thorough research on the property market and will offer you an estimate of your property. You will find their assessments very satisfactory so book a home valuation now that will enable you to sell your home for the best price.

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