September 20, 2023

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How to reduce the cost of kitchen cabinets

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How to reduce the cost of kitchen cabinets.

How to reduce the cost of kitchen cabinets.

While any kitchen remodeling buying the new cabinets is a considerable remittance. Of course, your budget does not always allow you to buy the new one. Well, some things are not primarily important. You can leave it in the other reno session. But kitchen cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen. And, they take the maximum of your time as well as cost. Indeed, they can make or break your entire plan. However, for buying the new j&k cabinetry, you have to find out the actual cost. Well, manufacturers usually cost too much for premium quality cabinets.  But there are many ways to reduce the original price of these cabinets.

The average cost of kitchen cabinets 

On average, a kitchen remodels having 10×10 measurements is between $13,500 and $38,000. Well, this range leads to almost $26000. This is a national average cost. On the other hand, the national average cost to replace or install cabinets is $5,000 to $6,000. No question at all, kitchen cabinets cost too high. And yes, not affordable by anyone. So, reducing the cost is an issue shared by all. 

  • RTA Cabinets
  • Paint Your previous cabinets
  • Cabinet Transformations
  • Professional Cabinet Refacing
  • IKEA
  • Incorporate used cabinets 

1. RTA cabinets 

Indeed, this is a large-scale online cabinet dealer. They send you the flat cabinet boxed at an affordable price.  Well, this is a DIY project. This will save your cost significantly. However, if you want to hire professionals for assembly, you have to pay a lot. Moreover, these cabinets are flat-packed. Therefore the shipping cost is too low.

Furthermore, these cabinets have a cam lock. Also, the pre-drilled homes make the whole process easy. Remember, if your order crosses a specific limit, the entire shipping cost is canceled. These kitchen cabinets add a unique flair. Also, they make the kitchen look elegant and vibrant. So, fill your cart and buy them today. 

2. Paint your previous cabinets

Perhaps, it is so easy. However, cabinet painting mainly works on the wood surface. Well, it is the same as painting the wood surface. As compared to wood, laminate and melamine are not easy to deal with. You need to prepare a surface first. Because it does not allow the paint to stay over the surface. Melamine has a plastic coat. So, unless and until the surface coat is not damaged, there is no need to think further. 

3. Cabinet transformations

This is another method to reduce the cost of j&k cabinetry. Well, it is not more than the painting. However, it is a next-level to simple paint.  Therefore, it saves you a huge amount on collecting the paint accessories. However, this technique mainly works on wood, laminate, and melamine. Well, it primarily uses bonding coats, decorative glaze, topcoats, and other striking looks. 

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4. Professional cabinet refacing

As the name shows, cabinets refacing lies between the entire replacement and painting.  However, for this purpose, you need to hire a professional. Well, you can replace the old cabinet doors.  Also, you can replace the drawer fronts. This also involves cabinets veneering from sides. Keep in mind, interiors of the cabinets are not refaced. Of course, refacing will decrease the cost almost by 50%. Last but not least, this is not a DIY project.


Probably, it is well known for its affordable cabinets. These kitchens have low prices and high-end styles. Moreover, they have authentic material but at a low price. Indeed, these kitchen cabinets are stylish, sleek, and modern. Like the other cabinets, they also need to require assembly. However, they are mainly made of particleboard. Anyhow, for their assembly, you can hire a professional like Kitchen Design Gallery.

6. Incorporate used cabinets

Perhaps, most homeowners tend to get rid of their old cabinets as soon as they have a chance to get in the new cabinets. However, they usually don’t throw them away in landfills. Because it needs a high cost. Well, giving the cabinets to the hoke centers at less price is more preferred.  Moreover, by giving away these cabinets, they save the hauling cost. Indeed, this is the best idea to reduce the cost. For this purpose, you can buy them privately or from other shops.  Well, Facebook markets are the other well-known places to buy affordable cabinets.

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That’s a wrap. No doubt, you can find many other options to save on the cost of j&k cabinetry. Last but not least, you can also visit the architectural retrieval yards.  Well, most of them are located in large areas. Moreover, they have old stocks from different homes. They usually have items such as sinks, flooring, toilets, and cabinets too. You can look for the one located near your place.  This is a perfect choice to reduce the cost of kitchen cabinets.  So, by now, you are well aware of all the ways; however, let us know in the comments section if you have any other in your mind.

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