June 15, 2024

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How To Deal With A Truck Accident Caused By An Impaired Driver

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Truck Accident

Semi-trucks and other heavier trucks are larger than passenger vehicles, which is why they pose more risks in the case of an accident. It is crucial that truck drivers are well-rested before they go out on the road with their trucks, as any kind of impairment, whether it be alcohol or other drugs, can lead to a devastating accident. 

Thanks to the strict rules introduced by the government, drunk driving is not one of the major causes of trucking accidents. In fact, there are very few trucking accidents due to impairment. However, such accidents still happen in small amounts, and one must know what steps to take when faced with such a situation. Contact a Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer today. 

What are the DUI regulations for commercial truck drivers?

Commercial vehicle drivers, such as truck and bus drivers, are required to adhere to stricter driving standards than passenger car drivers regarding impairment. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, the threshold for the presumption of drunk driving is 0.4%. All drivers with a commercial driver’s license operating commercial vehicles like trucks on the road are bound to them. 

Truck drivers are prohibited from consuming alcohol 4 hours before going on duty or operating a commercial vehicle. They must not be under the influence of alcohol while on duty, whether they are driving the vehicle or not. Any driver who is found violating these laws must be put out of service for the next 24 hours. 

It is important for truck drivers to adhere to the laws established by the FMCSA because it risks them losing their CDL. 

Can truck drivers drink off duty?

Yes. Truck drivers have the same right as others and can drink when they are off duty and as long as they are adhering to the regulations. However, they may face ramifications once they are charged with drinking and driving. For example, they may be removed from their job, or their license may be revoked. 

How can one prove impaired driving in a truck?

Impaired driving of a truck can be proved in the same way as passenger vehicle drunk driving cases. An experienced trucking accident attorney in Houston can help you find evidence in the following processes: 

  • Investigating the various factors involved in the accident.
  • Conduct drug tests on the driver.
  • Analyze the medical records of the truck driver.
  • Determine reliable and credible eyewitnesses and use their statements strategically. 

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