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How To Curl Synthetic Wigs

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How To Curl Synthetic Wigs

There is no doubt that we all want to get those fun angles in a few days to complete our perfect look. Wrinkles are not only a great way to add body to a boring hair composition, but also bring an element of attractiveness and elegance to another look. However, the situation can get complicated when you try to curl your synthetic wigs.

Synthetic wig hair curling requires extra care and attention because wig hair is not always heat resistant. Some synthetic hair wigs can’t stand the heat of the hair styling tools. Hair threads are made of plastic, so they melt when exposed to such high temperatures. This means that you will not be able to open your curly iron and you will start to curl your wig hair just as you have curled your natural hair. It’s time to dump her and move on.

How To Curl Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wig hair is easy to curl in your home. The way you use it for curls depends on the type of human hair lace wigs want to make.

If you buy a wig called heat-resistant, you can usually bend your natural hair as you would. So all you have to do is use a curling iron or a straightener to straighten your synthetic wig hair. There is no harm in doing so because heat-resistant synthetic wigs are specially made to withstand heat.

On the other hand, if your synthetic wig is not heat resistant, you need to resort to other methods to comb your hair. With the help of a hair dryer and a hair clipper, you can use soft heat to create curls.

You can also soak a synthetic hair wig with Flexi wipes in warm water using Flexi wires, the curls will last longer. We will explain these methods later in the article.

The main thing to keep in mind before trying to comb your synthetic wig hair is that the wig should never be exposed to high heat. This is doubly important if you do not believe in heat resistance.

Synthetic wig hair is very sensitive to heat, so when you use heated styling tools, the wig melts easily. This will cause your wigs to become damaged by melted hair.

At what temperature can you bend your synthetic hair?

As a precautionary measure, we recommend the use of low heat in even heat-resistant synthetic wigs. This suggestion is based on the notion of using low heat levels when using hair tools in your natural hair. Just a precautionary measure to avoid unnecessary damage.

As a rule, the temperature you use to create a curl in the bald wig should be high, but it should be low so that it does not cause permanent damage.

Typically, the range is 180 to 250 degrees. This is a reliable range of air that can heat-resistant synthetic wig hair.

How to bend a synthetic wig with a spinning iron

Always start by checking the label on the wig pack for instructions to roll the synthetic wig with a curved iron. This will help determine if the synthetic wig is heat resistant. The label can also specify a certain temperature range that can be safely used in a synthetic wig.

If you have lost the packaging with the instructions, but you know that your synthetic wig is heat-resistant, start bending a very small part of the wig. The wig will help to check the curls in the small part of the hair and to ensure that the hair does not melt.

After you test the curved iron in a synthetic wig, you can bend the wig over the mannequin in your head and bend it. Then open your curved iron and place it at the lowest heat level.

Then sprinkle wig hair with water before you start using the curved iron. Synthetic wig hair will help keep curves longer. Sprinkle enough water to keep the wig moist, but the water starts to drip everywhere.

The next thing to do is start by dividing the hair strands in the wig into different sections. If you want to create curly synthetic wigs, you need to cut your hair into larger pieces.

If you want to create longer lasting curls, the wig should be cut into smaller sections. You can use hair clips to cut curls.

Now, you can use a curling iron in a synthetic wig to create your beautiful curls. Tie your curved iron to each part of your hair. Hold the curling iron in place for about a minute and release some of the hair from it.


The next time you try to curl your synthetic wig, we hope you will use the tips in this article. Now, as you know, the methods of combing your synthetic wig hair are very difficult and can be done on their own. So don’t hesitate to try these useful ways to get the beautiful colorful corners you always want.

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