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Honda Civic 2023 Specifications and Prices

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Honda Civic 2023


The whole article focus on the specifications, features, and price of the Honda Civic 2023 in Pakistan. I hope after reading this article you will get something new about this car.

Honda Civic 2023:

Honda Civic is introduce by the Pakistani Automobile Industry and Honda’s subordinate Atlas Honda. In this article, we will tell you about the 11th generation of Honda Civic and provide you an overview of the last 10 generations in short.

The first generation of Civic was launch in 1972 with an 1169cc water-cooled four-cylinder engine. The vehicle is available in many options like a 2 or 4-door fastback sedan or 3 & 5 hatchback and five-door station wagon.

 In the second generation, the vehicle was launched in 1979 and imprint as a 1980 model. This generation has new innovations then previous. The vehicle has a strong engine and there is some interior space in the car. The shape of the car is angular. In this generation, the Civic is available in three transmissions:

2-speed semi-automatic, 4-speed, 5-speed manual.

3rd Generation:

This generation is launch in 1983 globally and won the award of 1983 which is the “1983 car of the year Japan Award”. In this generation, there is more innovation in interior design and in exterior design also. There are large wheelbases and better-built quality in this generation.

The fourth Generation of the Honda Civic is launch in 1987 the car has large dimensions with a low hood line and the design is much better than old

5th Generation:

This generation is reveal in 1991 September. In this generation, the space of the interior is increase and the features or dimensions of car also increased. The overall size of the car is also increase as well. This generation model gets the reward of being the “Japan car of the year” and this is the most fuel-efficient model of Honda that is sold in the market. In Pakistan, the vehicle was launch in 1994 with a 1500cc engine

6th Generation: The car was launch in 1995 in the global market. This is the first Natural Gas power civic that was revealed this year.

7th Generation:

This generation was launched in 2000 and the whole car is change as compared to the previous generation. The interior and exterior design is totally change. This generation car get a facelift in 2004 and is known as eagle-eye in the market.

8th Generation:

The car is launch in 2005 globally and revealed in Pakistan in 2006. In this generation, the civic was known as Reborn in the Pakistan market.

9th Generation:

The 9th generation was introduce in 2011 in the global market but came to Pakistan in 2012. This generation of cars is known as the “Rebirth” in Pakistan. The vehicle has a 1.8 Liter engine in this generation. This generation is less sold in the market because of its poor build quality.

10th generation:

The car was launched in 2015 on the market and reveale in Pakistan in 2006. The car has power and the most efficient engine in this generation. The Honda Civic is known as Civic X in this generation.

The interior design of Civic:

The interior of the civic is design in a very comfortable way. The vehicle’s electric power steering is cover in urethane in the quality standard and Oriel variants but the variant has leather-covered steering.

The steering wheels have a tilt telescopic with steering switches. There is a 7-inch TFT multi-information instrument display. The seats of the vehicle are cover in maximum-grade fabric. There is a height adjustment in seat height and back pockets. There are 7-inch MP5 touchscreens and 4 high-quality music speakers in the Oriel Variant of civic 2023. If we talk about the RS variant then there is a 9-inch Android-based entertainment system with navigation that provides support to the front camera, webcam, and rear camera.

Exterior Design of Civic:

There are daytime running lights that have an auto-off timer on the front of the car. If you have car for sale in Pakistan online. The Oriel variant has halogen project headlamps and on the other hand, the RS variant has LED headlamps. The vehicle has a stylish design language that promotes the new generation style front grille. Other features that are include in the exterior of the car:

  • Side mirror with great integrated turn signals
  • Remote retractable mirrors
  • Lens-type tail lamps
  • One-touch lane winker

Specifications of Honda Civic 2023:

Engine: DOHC dual VTC and VTEC engine

Displacement: 1498cc

Transmission: Automatic

Horsepower: 127-176 Hp

Torque: 180-220 Nm

Top Speed: 260 Km/h

Mileage Average: 11-14 Km/L

Fuel Capacity: 47L

Seating Capacity: 5 Persons


It comes in 8 colors on the market.

  1. Carnelian Red Pearl
  2. Crystal Black Pearl
  3. Lunar Silver Metallic
  4. Meteoroid Gray Metallic
  5. Morning Mist Blue Metallic
  6. Taffeta White
  7. Urban Titanium Metallic
  8. Taffeta White


The price of the Honda civic is based on the variant which you buy. I am mentioning all variant’s prices here.

Standard: 6,349,000 Rupees

The Civic Oriel: 6,599,000 Rupees

Civic RS: 7,549,000 Rupees


This is all about the Honda Civic 2023. I mention all the specifications and features of this vehicle. You can see the prices of different variants and choose which you will buy for yourself.

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