June 11, 2024

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Here Are 4 Genius Things You Can Do With Smart Home Automation

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Today, everywhere you look, you’ll come across something “smart”, such as smartphones, smartwatches, and of course let’s not forget smart home Automation.

What does a smart home mean? Smart home automation utilizes internet-connected devices to control and monitor different things in your house, such as cameras, locks, lights, and more. These devices are connected to one another and can be accessed via one main point, like your smartphone.

A smart home gives the user control over everything in the house and the way it works. That said, many people only tend to scratch the surface of what these smart home devices are capable of doing.

In this article though, we will dig into some interesting stuff about particular smart devices and the functions that actually make them be truly smart. For instance, smart home devices have self-learning skills that enable them to adapt to your preferences and routines.

Better yet, a smart home has the incredible ability to grow with you. In other words, you can easily build your day-t-day life on it, and even expand its uses as required. Smart homes give you the ease and convenience that regular homes can’t.

Let’s explore 5 genius ways in which smart home technology can make your everyday life easier and much safer. Let’s dig in!

Smart Lighting

If you have a smart home and have yet to add connected lighting into it, you’re losing out on quite a bit. Light control modules tend to work alongside other smart devices, including the security panel.

If you were to integrate your smart lighting with motion sensors, and these sensors could be standalone ones or ones that are in smart devices. Both types of motion sensors can trigger your smart lights to be turned on.

Moreover, light controls are also good for rooms in which lights are more needed, and in rooms where lights are often left on accidentally, like the basement. You can access the smart lights through its app on your smartphone.

In fact, you don’t have to be around to make any changes, as smart devices have remote access.

Smart Thermostats

You must have heard a lot about smart thermostats in the past couple of years. They’re almost everywhere now, and for a pretty good reason. When you sync your smart thermostat with a smart home security system, they have the potential of doing much more than just regulating the temperature.

For instance, if you were to link your smart thermostat with your smoke detectors that are monitored by your home security system, and a fire broke out, the smoke detectors will send signals to the thermostat, telling it to have your HVAC system shut down.

Now, what’s so important about it? Well, if a smoke alarm was to go off, and your HVA system kept running, your house will be filled with toxic air. Therefore, even if there was a fire in the basement, a running HVAC system will push both smoke and toxic gases into the house much faster via the events.

When you program your smart thermostat correctly, it will shut down and buy you time to escape your house safely. In fact, smart CO detectors give you the same solution.

Smart Window Sensors

Now, be it if you have a basic smart security system, or a professional-level system, there’s so much that it’s capable of doing and more than one way to customize it.

That is why we think window sensors are a great example when talking about small devices that come with great potential. Most smart security systems now offer a mobile app, through which you can receive alters directly to your smartphone anytime your window is opened.

For instance, you can install window sensors on low windows. This way you will get an alert if your kid attempts to open it. And, if for some reason you forget to close your window, the sensor will send an alert to its app, informing you that it’s still open.

Smart Lock

Smart locks are another amazing smart device that adds a layer of security to your home. This device has the ability to keep you and your loved ones safe, as it gives you control over your lock even if you’re away from home.

For instance, if you have kids at home and they have the habit of leaving the doors unlocked, you will receive an alert on your smartphone that your door was unlocked. In fact, the very same smart device will automatically lock your door for you.

Smart Home Automation locks also allow the user to create temporary and individual user codes. So if you were away from home, and the housekeeper came to clean, they can insert the temporary code to unlock your house.


Smart home automation makes your daily life more convenient and easy, and when it’s integrated with a smart security alarm system, your home is almost bulletproof. We hope now you know what amazing things can be done with smart home devices!

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