July 17, 2024

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Not only our own mother, we have many mother-like figures in our life. So it becomes our moral duty to make them feel important and special. It’s easy to be around our mothers and tell them that they are important, but it is not possible to be around ladies who are equally important and are a motherly figure to us. They can be your grandmother, maternal or paternal aunt, teacher, sister, mother-in-law etc.


They deserve equal respect and importance as our mothers do. So you must be wondering what to do and how to do it. To make them feel important, you can get gifts for them from time to time on different occasions like on their birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, festivals etc.

Here is the list of gift items that we have curated for you to get for your motherly figures.

A plant-

Getting a plant can be a unique gift for all the motherly figures. A mother is a symbol of care and love. So a plant can definitely be the best gift as mothers love to take care of them. They will feel happy to see a plant grow in front of them, and it will spread positive vibes as well. 


A cake is the most versatile gift option you can choose to get on any occasion. So you can get a cake for the motherly figure in your life. There are a variety of options available in cakes these days. From designer cakes to themed cakes, flavoured cakes to personalised cakes. You can get any of her favourite flavours and designs. You can also go a bit modern in choosing cakes like getting a cupcake, which is in trend these days. You have options to decorate your cupcakes accordingly. There are also online cake delivery services available. 


You can get a smart gadget for your motherly figures to add technology to her life. In this fast-changing world, it is important for everyone to keep themselves up to date and especially in technology. You can add a smartphone to her life to make things easier for her. This way you will be able to connect with her easily.

Pamper kit-

Mothers never take time for themselves. They give all their time to nurture her children. So to let her be herself for a while and enjoy her time, you can get her a pamper kit which can include stuff like aroma candles, diffuser, spa set, skin care, hair care etc. 


A bouquet is everyone’s all-time favourite gift. Everyone loves it, and there is no particular occasion to get a bouquet for someone. So if you want to get something for the motherly figure in your life on some random day, you can definitely choose a bouquet. You can customise the bouquet according to her choices if you know. You can also accompany this bouquet with a thanking card to add some personal touch to it. There is also an option to send flowers to India from the USA. So you can send them flowers via online delivery services if you can’t be physically present with her. 

A bag-

A bag is a much needed thing in the life of a woman. Usually women carry lots of things in their bags. So you can get her a bag which can fit all her stuff and looks aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

A digital health band- GIFT IDEAS

We take care of our own mother’s health but forget to notice the sacrifices of the motherly figures of our life. Their health is also as important as our mothers’’. So to keep a check on their health, you can get her a digital health band in which her calories, heart rate, blood pressure etc. will be measured, and you can monitor it from any part of the world with your smartphone. 

So these were a few gift ideas from which you can take inspiration and get that for your motherly figures. Every time our mother can’t be present with us, so in the time of such crises these motherly figures fill the gaps and make our life easy. So don’t forget to thank them with the gifts and surprises and make them realise that you don’t take them for granted.

Whatever gift you choose for the special man of your life, give it with all the love. Apart from these materialistic things, he needs your time and attention. So make sure to give that to him along with these gifts. I hope you liked the article.

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Furthermore, this must be the most relaxing and tranquil relationship and the relationship we have, assuring us that we will never be alone. This has been the most prestigious and serene union you will ever be a part of. Each day, appreciate this calming force and put your faith in this connection that will never let you down.

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