September 26, 2023

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Get Your Eyes on the Currents for Your Deployment: Examples of Key Offshore Rental Equipment

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Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

When you are going to the oceans for a professional deployment, then getting offshore rental equipment. Is going to be one of the key priorities that you have to sort out before you start your process. Even before you get out on the oceans, you can actually get a good sense for everything except for the exact weather. Patterns and current patterns that you are going to be contending with.

It may seem difficult to actually picture how your project will go, given that you can never control some of the environmental. Factors at play during a trip on the ocean, but if you work with a team that is experienced in ocean experiments, there are a lot of things that you can control. For example, when you are going to look ahead for the day’s weather, you can decide what goals will be feasible in terms of data collection. And there are also tools like an acoustic doppler current profiler that can help you see exactly what’s going on with currents underwater.

If you want to make sure that you have enough and the right equipment for your deployment, ask for the consultancy of an expert!

Sound Ocean Systems

If there is a thunderstorm forecasted ou may not want to get the boat out in those conditions. However, you may not have a choice of weather, given that sometimes weather changes suddenly and out of nowhere. Therefore, you and your budgeting team can decide what sort of backup clothing and boat protection you may need to bring on the boat before you get out on the waters. Getting the green light from a company that has done many offshore deployments may also give you peace of mind.

Need to Know What’s Going on with the Currents? Master the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

As mentioned earlier, an acoustic doppler current profiler is a key piece of equipment that will help you know exactly what’s going on underwater. Essentially, the transponder associated with the current profiler will be positioned underwater. Using the doppler effect, this piece of equipment can accurately gauge the size, direction and velocity of currents within a specific column of water underwater.

This is because sound is louder when it is approaching an object than it is when it is moving away from an object. Based on this principle, the transponder can detect exactly what part of a column of water is getting closer and what is going away, and at exactly at what speed.

If you feel concerned about what the weather might do to your data collection team, then you should really prepare some serious backups to help you!

Of course, planning is going to be a very key element to your trip, so you should definitely plan with partners. Who have been out on many different types of data collection trips with different teams. These are the types of people who can see past the numbers to prepare for contingencies that might be otherwise impossible to know about. And if you are budgeting, you can decide what pieces of equipment will be necessary for your trip. If you do not have the budget to buy your equipment, then you can still get professional grade tools via offshore rental equipment means.

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