April 14, 2024

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Design Logo Online with DesignEvo Effortlessly

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Creating a logo is sometimes a big challenge, as it is not easy to come up with a logo that is not only tasteful and eye-catching but even symbolizes on some level what a company is dealing with or what a product or service is for. If we still have good ideas, all we need is a professional graphic designer. Or not? Is it possible for someone to create a professional quality logo at home? Well, with the help of the website presented today, even that is not impossible.

DesignEvo: logo creation easy and online

DesignEvo is an online application that can be a powerful tool for beginners to professional logo design tasks. If someone has used at least one PowerPoint in their lifetime, it copes smoothly with its interface. After a quick sign-up, you can start working for him. If you start from the template, you must first look for the topic that concerns you and select one of the matching sample logos. Then all you have to do is rewrite the name and slogan, maybe repaint the image and the elements, and you did.

How to make your logo with DesignEvo?

If you don’t choose such a simplified process, DesignEvo can do more than that. You can even design from scratch with it, i.e., you can choose the icon based on the logo yourselves. To do this, you get an extensive collection in the Icon section, with very demanding graphics in it, which you can customize on the canvas: you can change the colors, rotate the illustrations, and so on. You can scale, color. If it consists of several pieces, you can push them separately, but this is not Illustrator, so don’t expect anyone to have a full extra graphic toolbar with brushes, vector drawing tools. The point is that you no longer have to fluff by drawing the figures.

Then you can come with the necessary text boxes—company name, possibly a slogan. If you need more boxes, no problem, you can create more.

You can also format texts. You can choose from many different fonts or click on the Art tab to find spectacular pre-formatted solutions. But anyway, you can tune in plain captions ourselves with a variable-thickness outline or customizable shadow, glow, changing the spacing between letters, or even bending.

Finally, the shape section can come with a host of different shapes to further shape our future logo: decorations, lines, vintage frames, ribbons, symbols, whatever you may need. Plus, every vector can be freely scaled, rotated, distorted, as the situation requires.


As you can see, you get practically everything to make logos. If you don’t have any graphic motivation, you can still move at lightning speed. Anyway, if you are already at speed, it should be emphasized that the online interface works at an enjoyable pace. No clutter, no loading. They put it all together in a fleet, that’s for sure. Due to the automatic guides, even the most left-handed logo maker involuntarily fits the elements exactly. So from a beginner’s point of view, they thought of everything, but the pros don’t necessarily have to wave it right away either. Assuming that a relatively customized logo can be put together in as little as a minute, it will do a lot in many cases while significantly reducing the number of working hours.

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