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Common Mistakes With Brakes That You Should Avoid As Vehicle Owner

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Common Mistakes With Brakes That You Should Avoid As A Vehicle Owner

Vehicle accidents on the road are a common scenario nowadays. A common cause behind vehicle accessories is improper maintenance. Every part of the vehicle needs regular inspection, and ignorance of this would pose a risk of accidents and severe damage. Among some of the essential safety accessories, brakes are crucial. Here are some common mistakes with brakes that everyone needs to avoid to ensure a smooth journey. 

But before that, it’s essential to know why brakes are so important. Well, without brakes, you would never be able to stop your vehicle in any emergency. It allows you to slow down and halt quickly in an unprecedented situation. Therefore it’s essential to keep the car brake pads and the braking system in good condition to secure one’s safety. This will also increase the quality and comfort of the ride.

Vehicle owners are well aware of the need for proper and regular maintenance, which also increases the longevity of the vehicle. This is impossible without the best quality accessories and products purchased from a renowned brand. Also, while purchasing, make sure they are cost-effective, durable, and compatible with your vehicle. Look for automotive accessories that come with a warranty. 

Most Common Mistakes With Brakes To Avoid By Every Vehicle Owner:

Although there can be various types of mistakes that vehicle owners commit unconsciously, here are the most common ones. Whenever you encounter faulty brakes, check whether you have made any of these mistakes and rectify them instantly.

Keeping The Brake Slides And Hardware Unclean:

You need to clean the calliper bracket slides and ensure they are free from rust before replacing the old pads with new ones. This will not only prevent you from faulty braking but will also make it function efficiently. 

Lack Of Lubrication Of The Guide Pins:

This is a common mistake most vehicle owners make. They generally undertake a shortcut method by not cleaning the guide pins that are there on the floating calliper or not applying new grease to it. Another important thing that should be kept in mind is that the grease would be under excessive pressure and heat. Therefore make sure that you use a grease that is calliper specific. Regular servicing of the guide pin is required. Otherwise, it will lead to irregular pad wear. Also, avoid reinstalling a torn boot.

Wrong Method Of A Brake Pad Installation:

If the brake pads are installed backwards, it will eventually lead to brake problems. You might find it unusual, but this is most often the case. Sometimes you will come across vehicle owners complaining of grinding brakes after a friend has changed the brake pads. You must be conscious, even if someone else changes the brake and inspect it before heading to a ride.

Ignoring Rotor Inspection:

The rotor needs to be inspected and measured regularly. Ensure that the thickness is up to the recommended level. A rotor without optimum specification would pose safety issues, including fading and cracking. 

Upside-Down Installation Of A Calliper:

When installing a new set of callipers, ensure that the bleeder is positioned at the top for efficient removal of the air. Mistakenly placing the bleeders at the bottom of the calliper is the worst mistake. Therefore before starting the action, make sure that you have right and left and inspect the box thoroughly.

Using Inferior Brake Pads:

People often try to save some bucks and tend to compromise with quality, brand reputation and features. This is a crucial mistake as this will not save any bucks but will cost you extra in the long run. Always go for brake pads that ensure quality and are preferred by customers. If you opt for an online purchase, you can go through the customer reviews to ensure that the product is of good quality.

Ignoring Rotor Machining:

A fresh and clean rotor surface is necessary for a new pad to enhance the performance of braking. This would allow the pads to deposit a fine layer of fiction material to improve the performance. If the previous deposits from the old material are there on the rotor, it will contaminate the new pad and lead to noise and performance issues.

Final Thoughts:

Avoiding all these common mistakes with brakes will make you safe in the long run. Additionally, you would not require frequent replacements or repairs. To purchase the best quality products, look for an online platform that offers budget-friendly products at affordable rates. 

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