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Common Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Prepare for JEE Advanced

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JEE Advanced 2021

In order to get admission in India’s top-ranking engineering colleges, one should get an exceptionally good JEE score. Without a good JEE score, it would not be possible for you to make your dream come true. So, you need to make sure of concentrating on all the subjects, especially on math and the importance of math in the best way. Even if you seem to have the slightest doubt, it is quite important to clear it in the best way. But there are some students who commit some mistakes that lead to losing their marks in the exam thereby leading them to feel disappointed as well. If the mistakes are not taken care of to avoid it, there would be lesser chances to crack JEE Advanced. Therefore, you need to put your best foot forward to avoid all the mistakes without fail.

Here are some common mistakes which should be avoided while preparing for JEE Advanced during the last few days of preparation.

Keeping Chemistry aside

Some students find chemistry boring, especially inorganic and some parts of organic. Never develop such a kind of attitude and lower your score. Chemistry is a very scoring section and one can solve this entire section in less than forty minutes and thus can save time for the other sections. So, study this subject properly while revising for JEE Advanced.

Not using the NCERTs

Candidates can refer to the various reference books but should never neglect the NCERT textbooks. These textbooks give all the information in simple terms. Even one day before the examination, never hesitate to open and refer to the NCERT textbooks. CBSE never crosses the boundaries of the syllabus.

Working more on prepared topics

You might like to learn a few topics thoroughly, but keep in mind that the examination will not be conducted on these topics alone. One should also study the other topics along with the important topics. This goes for all the subjects.

Keeping the doubts alive

If you keep storing your doubts during this phase of your preparations, then it will only add up to your tensions. Try to solve your doubts then and there or it will become toll late. Never keep your doubts for the last moments. Follow the quotation, ‘Better late than never”.

Ignoring revision

How you are fair in your examination depends mostly on your preparations during the last days. And these days should be devoted completely to revisions and mock tests. It is good to solve many questions during the last few days, but revisions should go on simultaneously. Never neglect your revisions.

Referring new study material

Once candidates clear JEE Main, it becomes obvious that they will prepare more for JEE Advanced. One should start referring to new study materials and books at an early stage, but not during the last days. Reading new study material during the last few days will only increase stress and anxiety.

Building examination stress

Examination stress is another thing that you should try to avoid it any cost. If you are under tremendous pressure and are nervous, then this will only lead to marking the wrong answers. So, always remain calm and composed during your preparations. And give less importance to the results. The results will be taken care of.

Not preparing a proper time table:

Preparing a proper timetable is very important. But there are some students who are found to be less attentive to it. For this, it is quite important to make sure of preparing a good timetable so that you can focus on every subject on a daily basis without fail. By doing this, it would also help a lot to stay confident for the exam and you can prepare in the best way.

Not attempting mock tests

Sitting for more than three hours for a single paper is quite a tedious task for students. One can practice this by taking full-length mock tests during the last days of their preparations. The mock test will also help you assess where you stand in the competition. At least, try to attempt two mock tests before you take the examination.

Least importance to practice

Practicing and solving many questions is required to prepare for your examination, but not sacrificing your revisions. One can be successful in JEE Advanced if they focus both on theory and practice. One should practice problems and prepare for the theory section as well during the last days of JEE Advanced.

Not motivating yourself

You might be in cloud nine with the success of JEE Main besides other entrance examinations. Keeping all these in mind, one begins to ignore the most important phase in JEE i.e., JEE Advanced. Always stay motivated by reminding yourself that JEE Main alone will not aid in getting admissions in the IITs and NITs. You will have to give your best shot in JEE Advanced too.

Multiple Reference Books

During preparation for JEE Advanced, some students prefer to a lot of books for a better JEE Advanced preparation. Referring to reference books is a good practice, but following numerous books along with the JEE study materials from the coaching institutes can only lead to confusion. And as the examination approaches, it will only become difficult to revise those multiple reference books in a limited time. So, instead of buying numerous reference books choose only a few books wisely.

Once you have completed your JEE syllabus, practice and revise all that you have studied for JEE Advanced preparation. But for the initial days of your preparation, refer to a few good reference books which are written in simple languages, better-in-quality, and contain a lot of practice papers. Do not start any new reference books during the last days of your preparation as it will not serve you any good, rather it will build anxiety and tension.

Focusing on two subjects

Many JEE aspirants study selectively like studying for two subjects while preparing for JEE Advanced preparation. It is good to know the JEE syllabus, JEE examination guidelines, and weightage of different JEE topics but JEE Advanced cannot be predicted.

So, focusing on just two subjects while you are preparing for JEE Advanced may not help you to score good grades in your examination.

Every IIT aspirant wants a perfect answer for a very important question as to how to crack JEE Advanced 2021.  More than 2 lakh candidates appear for 10,998 seats in the 23 IITs annually. Thus, it becomes imperative to have a perfect strategy to crack the examination. JEE Advanced preparation strategy should be made in such a way that the entire syllabus of the examination is completed on time. Also, candidates must keep extra time for revision while planning their strategy.

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