September 21, 2023

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Best Car Makes For Desert Safari In Dubai

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Best Car Makes For Desert Safari In Dubai

Desert Safari In Dubai is an adventurous activity that is part of the unique UAE experience. Visitors from worldwide come here to explore these amazing off-road tracks and dunes. However, it’s not something you can enjoy or even attempt in your average sedan. Even sports cars are not up to these trails. 

Fortunately, you can find a significant collection of off-road vehicles in the Emirates, including automatic and manual four-wheel drive vehicles. If you want to explore the UAE desert dunes on your own, here are some of the best desert cars to consider.


The most important criteria for a good desert car are its power and robustness. The UAE desert is unforgiving even in good weather conditions, so you need a car that is strong and resilient. A car that can keep going over rough terrain and under the brutal sun. Technically you need a car with good ground clearance. A lower gear ratio, good torque delivery and a limited-slip differential.

All of the cars in our list today meet these basic criteria. However, we will make your choice easier by sharing other important details with you.

Land Rover In The Deserts Of Dubai

Land Rover Discovery has incredible off-road capabilities, a spacious and luxurious interior high-tech dashboard. The Land Rover is an incredible family car that offers a comfortable cabin and top safety features.

Land Rover Specifications For The Dubai Desert

  • 335 hp 6-cylinder engine.
  • 9-speed automatic transmission.
  • Weighs 2,230 kg.
  • 5-star EURO NCAP rating safety test.
  • Terrain Response system that selects the best driving mode for different terrain.
  • Torque vectoring by the braking system.
  • Hill descent control.

List Of Land Rover Benefits For Dubai Desert

  • Good off-road experience / on-road comfort.
  • Seven forward-facing seats.
  • One of the safest SUVs.
  • Powerful V8 engine.
  • Luxurious and quiet ride.
  • Beautiful design.

Range Rover For Off-Roading In Dubai

The Range Rover is a luxury Sport Utility Vehicle that gives you the feeling of sitting in a luxury sedan while cruising over the dunes. The Range Rover is the favorite of the elite due to its luxurious looks and comfort around town, combined with a powerful V8 and off-road capabilities. Many people enjoy the same facilities as buy used car in UAE.

Specifications Of The Range Rover For Off-Roading In Dubai

  • 5.0V8 engine with 370 hp.
  • 8-speed automatic transmission.
  • Weighs 2144 kg.
  • Electronically networked air suspension.
  • Second generation Terrain Response system.
  • 5-star EURO NCAP rating safety test.
  • Controlled Acceleration Control prevents excessive speed downhill.
  • Hill Start Assist prevents the car from unintentionally rolling backward.

List Of Advantages Of Range Rover For Off-Road Driving In Dubai

  • Unparalleled off-road luxury and comfort.
  • High-tech off-road features.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Fast acceleration.
  • Luxurious and calm interior.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Very safe vehicle.

Nissan Patrol To Enjoy Desert Safari

One of the most lightest and powerful vehicles to roam. The Nissan Patrol is a flawless sand dune-bashing engine. As the only real competitor to the Toyota Land Cruiser, it was the choice of many Bedouins and dune bashers.

Nissan Patrol Specifications For Desert Safari Dubai

  • 5.6-liter V8 engine.
  • 7-speed automatic transmission.
  • Weighs 2795 kg.
  • Variable 4×4 mode: sand, road, rock, and snow.
  • Hydraulic body motion control system.
  • Rear axle differential with electronic lock.
  • Hill Start and Hill Descent Assist.
  • Computer-assisted braking.

List Of Nissan Patrol Benefits For Dubai Desert Safari

  • Monster 5.6-liter V8 engine.
  • Smooth transmission.
  • Space for people and luggage.
  • Smooth and quiet ride.
  • Efficient tractor.
  • Robust design.
  • Multi-purpose cabin.

Spacious interior, ideal for large families, and an engine and transmission that won’t fail when scaling the biggest dunes. The combination of a powerful engine, fast transmission, and 4×4 options makes it one of the most suitable choices for a serious dune-bashing tour.

Hummer For Dubai Desert Safari

The US military car was specially made and introduced during the Gulf War. A heavy-duty vehicle from war zones that is generous in both interior space and engine power.

Specifications Of The Hummer For Off-Roading In Dubai

  • 6.2L V8 engine.
  • 6-speed transmission.
  • Weighs 3000 kg.

List Of Advantages Of Hummer For Off-Roading In Dubai

  • Robust and robust design.
  • Spacious interior.
  • Big tires for rough landscapes.
  • Powerful V8 engine.
  • Efficient tractor.
  • Multi-purpose cabin.

The Hummer is a great heavy-duty vehicle, also available to buy used car in Dubai, but its weight and powertrain make it clumsy in the sand dunes. Would work better on rocky terrain or flat dirt.

Toyota Sequoia For Dubai Desert Safari

Simple and roomy with a powerful engine capable of pulling and pushing through the sand dunes, the Sequoia is a milder take on the Landcruiser. Ideal for road trips with minimal off-road challenges.

Specifications Of The Toyota Sequoia For Off-Roading In Dubai

  • 4WD 5.7L V8.
  • 6-speed transmission.
  • Multimode 4×4.
  • Weighs 2700 kg.

List Of Benefits Of Toyota Sequoia For Dubai Desert Safari

  • Smooth handling.
  • Accommodates up to 8 passengers.
  • Powerful V8 engine.
  • Efficient tractor.
  • Robust design.
  • Multi-purpose cabin with spacious luggage compartment.

The Sequoia has a balance of weight and engine power that allows it to be an easy contender for off-road driving with a few friends or family when it doesn’t need the extra perks or luxuries.

Wrangler Jeep In Dubai For Off-Road Driving

The Wrangle is known in pop culture as a sports utility vehicle, iconic as a 4×4 convertible. Excellent, easy city car and easy on the dunes, the Wrangler with flat tires and an experienced driver should be an “OK” car for the dunes.

Specifications Of Wrangler Jeeps In Dubai For Off-Roading

  • 3.6-liter engine.
  • 6-speed manual transmission.
  • 1759kg.

List Of Advantages Of Wrangler Jeep In Dubai For Off-Road Driving

  • The short chassis allows maneuvering around sharp turns and steep edges.
  • Photogenic and Robust design.

While the Wrangler is a fun dune-smashing vehicle, it’s light and easy to drive in the dunes but lacks space and engine power. Excellent choice for a small group short trip to take selfies and enjoy the breeze in a topless vehicle.

Desert safaris are an absolute must in the UAE. Again, these desert safaris are best enjoyed in 4WD vehicles, and you can buy used car in UAE. We have listed the top vehicles in this article.

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