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Best After 10+2 Medical Study Program in Kyrgyzstan

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Best After 10+2 Medical Study Program in Kyrgyzstan

Welcome, Readers. Are you also planning to pursue your medical studies in Kyrgyzstan or searching for the best medical courses in kryzsthan? Congratulations, you have landed on the right page. 

Now, before getting to the main topic. we will discuss why day by day this country is gaining popularity in medical studies.

The country is famous for its high-quality education. The instructors are also very friendly and well qualified. Only 10 students per class ensure individual attention to each and every student, which is a great advantage as compared to other countries. The best hostel facility is available with all amenities and 24 hours security. The teachers and professors who teach Indian students are highly skilled doctors, professors & Ph.D. holders.

Best After 10+2 Medical Study Program in Kyrgyzstan

They have very high proficiency & experience to teach international students in the English medium. There are many Kyrgyzstan Medical College for students that are top government colleges and you can get direct admission. The Universities are globally recognize and affiliate to different authorize bodies like WHO, MCI that offers global exposure to candidates. The Universities are MCI approved that making candidates eligible for applying to Government jobs in India as well as for other PG courses. Universities are premier provides world-class education with advanced techniques.

Students also Get recognize by the International Association of Universities. While the official language of this country, kryzsthan is Russian and Kyrgyz. But, most medical universities provide education in English. This is why medical studies in Kyrgyzstan are worth and beneficial for students. These are a few advantages of studying in kryzsthan, students get many more advantages.

1. Nursing

Kryzsthan is one of the best destinations to study nursing. Bachelor’s of Science in nursing is popularly know as BSC Nursing. Just as a mother takes care of all the needs and requirements of her child, similarly a nurse takes complete care and monitors the health status of her patients. It is a four-year undergraduate course. Almost, all the universities of Kyrgyzstan provide this course. Here, the faculties are very good and supportive.

To be admit at any national medical university in kryzsthan international students must have a secondary school certificate. Most students at Nursing faculties are studying from the African region. Many come from Asian countries and they require a 10+2 certificate to be admit.

Among all countries, kryzsthan offers the best affordable fee for the nursing course with quality education. The academic year starts in September (for Fall Semester) or in February (for Spring Semester). BSc nursing in kryzsthan costs around 1600 $US per first Academic Year, which is quite good and pocket-friendly as compared to other countries.

Nursing is taught in kryzsthan in English but the choice remains with the international students that which medium of instructions they choose for their nursing degree in kryzsthan. After successful completion of the course, students get place in repute nursing hospitals, institutions.

2. Pharmacy

Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences is involve with the design, discovery, delivery, disposition & use of drugs. A Pharmacist’s job is to prepare mix, compound, or dispense drugs and medicines, ointments, pills, tablets, and injections on the prescription of a medical practitioner, dentist, or veterinarian. It is a two to three-year course. The average tuition fee in kryzsthan for pharmacy is cost-friendly at approximately 3800 US$ / Yearly.

The career opportunities in the sector a very high and I growing at an exponential talking about career prospects and job opportunities, They can work at Research & Development Units, Pharmaceutical Industry, Retail Pharmacies, Regulatory Bodies of the Government Public & Corporate Hospital Pharmacies, Sales & Marketing department of Drug, Manufacturing 


The full form of MBBS is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Fees structure is very affordable. If you are planning to study.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan offers packages under 18 or 20 lakhs which will include tuition fees, hostel fees, and mess fees for complete duration, there is available MCI Coaching. While other countries like Ukraine, Russia, US are offering a 6-year program, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a 5-year course. So the student will save on one year of time. Living Cost: The living cost also is very affordable as the currency of Kyrgyzstan that is Kyrgyzstan So is almost equivalent to INR, there are minor differences.

There are many Kyrgyzstan Medical College for Indian students that are top government colleges in Kyrgyzstan and you can get direct admission. Many students look for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Review, Is MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is good or bad? So the answer is Kyrgyzstan has good reviews, the quality of education is good when compared to the price that you are paying for it. In this affordable budget, it is a great option.

Other Medical courses available in Kyrgyzstan

Apart from Nursing, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, and pharmacy, the medical university of the country, kryzsthan also provides many more degrees in medical studies like general medicine, stomatology & pediatrics are also available for international students. The medical library of the universities of Kyrgyzstan is one of the largest in the whole of the world comprising more than 4,00,000 books and also having digital reading material in CDs which provide suitable videos and illustrations too.

Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, International School of Medicine, Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University, Jalal-Abad State University are the top medical universities  of kryzsthan where you can pursue medical studies.


At Pulse Education, being a professional educational consultant, we have seen the problems students face in a particular country or university. When choosing a good medical university, you must be aware of certain things. Studying Medical abroad is a good decision that helps many students to fulfill their desire to become a doctor. In India, undoubtedly, being a doctor is one of the sought-after career options.

While going for medical studies abroad, many students get confuse, about the best country to study Medicine abroad. But it’s a decision that has a direct impact on your life, time, career, and parents ‘ hard-earned money. But if you want the best guidance regarding your medical studies or MBBS abroad or MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, you can follow Pulse Education, India’s best educational consultant. Thank you for reading !!

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