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6 Simplest Postpartum Belly Fat Reduction Yoga Exercises

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Women after giving birth have to face a lot of pressure, especially for mothers who are pregnant and giving birth for the first time. In particular, the lack of self-esteem in appearance is not small. Many women do not even dare to look in the mirror because their body is loose and their breasts are devastated after a long pregnancy. These exercises to reduce belly fat after giving birth have helped many mothers get rid of their heavy bodies and return to being as slim as “original”.

When to start postpartum weight loss exercises?

According to experts, after giving birth, you should rest for at least 2 months before starting vigorous activity such as exercise. This is the time when your body recovers, you should do nothing but breastfeed. You should eat in moderation, get enough nutrients and try to get plenty of sleep, which is both good for the mother and to have milk for the baby. You can refer to some functional foods for postpartum women that will help increase your health. When buying, you should remember to use discount codes, coupons to save money.

After this time, if you feel that you are strong enough to exercise, then practice.

Moderate exercise after childbirth also helps women prevent many other postpartum diseases. To learn more about how to get in shape quickly and safely, click here to see the article on how to lose weight after giving birth! This article will guide you in the most detail about how to eat, how to exercise.

6 Yoga Exercises to lose belly fat after giving birth

What should I do after giving birth? If you want to lose fat, nothing is more effective than cardio. Outdoor jogging, running on the machine, or light full-body exercises will help you burn energy effectively, thereby helping to reduce the amount of fat accumulated throughout the body.

The following are effective postpartum belly fat loss exercises that you can refer to and perform. Before exercising, practice breathing and warm-up for about 5-10 minutes to warm up your body.

1. Elbow Plank

Plank is known as the king of abdominal exercises, with the ability to burn energy as well as tone the best round 2. You prepare the clock to calculate the plank time and don’t get discouraged if you can’t keep it for as long as usual. Keep practicing until the plank is longer.


  • Step 1: Lie face down, forearms placed on the floor, 2 elbows below the shoulders
  • Step 2: Raise your body off the floor, body forming a straight line from head to heels
  • Step 3: Hold this pose for as long as possible

2. Plank shrugs

This is a one-sided plank exercise that helps you get a slimmer waist, flatter, firmer belly. It looks simple, but if done correctly, you also spend a lot of energy, and you will certainly burn a lot of calories.


  • Step 1: Create a basic plank pose
  • Step 2: Lean to one side so that the legs overlap, one forearm is placed on the floor, the other hand is on the hip
  • Step 3: Slowly raise your hips and lower your hips down so that they don’t touch the floor
  • Step 4: Perform 15 times

3. Superman Plank

This high plank exercises to lose belly fat after birth coordinates the movement of the whole body. Try to keep your balance throughout the movement.


  • Step 1: Create a high plank position, 2 hands and 2 toes on the floor
  • Step 2: Bring your right hand forward, stretch your left leg and raise it back so that it forms a straight line from your right finger to your left toe.
  • Step 3: Do the same for the other side, do 20 times

4. Lying on the side of the leg

This is an exercise to reduce belly fat at home after giving birth that is applied by many women because the movement is relatively simple but highly effective. Try to straighten your legs when exercising so that the muscles are more affected


  • Step 1: Lie on your back on the floor, arms outstretched to the sides, palms facing up or down, legs straight, close together, and raised to perpendicular to the body.
  • Step 2: Tilt your legs to the left as much as you can, turn back and lean to the right
  • Step 3: Repeat 20 times on each side

5. Horse Stance

For this exercise to reduce belly fat for mothers after giving birth to be effective, you should pay attention to balance and keep the body fixed to affect the core muscle layer inside. This muscle layer will pull the outer muscle in, making your round 2 neats again.


  • Step 1: Put your hands on the floor, your hands are under your shoulders, your knees are on the ground to form a right angle
  • Step 2: Stretch your right leg out, bring your left hand up, from the left finger to the right toe to form a straight line.
  • Step 3: Bring your left hand and right leg together, stretch
  • Step 4: Repeat 8 times and do the same for the other side

6. Sea turtle pose

This pose is quite simple but also not easy for you to hold for long. This is a relatively good energy-burning exercise, helping you quickly improve your shabby body after childbirth.


  • Step 1: Lie face down on the floor, arms stretched forward
  • Step 2: Raise your head, chest, bring your hands back
  • Step 3: Hold for a few seconds and then return to the original position, repeat 5-7 times

You should use yoga mats in the above exercises, they will help you protect your joints and make you more comfortable when practicing. Yoga mats are widely sold on e-commerce sites, When buying, remember to use discount codes, coupons for yoga mats will help you save a lot of costs.


Above are exercises to reduce belly fat after giving birth to help you regain a slim waist. In addition, you also need to combine with a reasonable fat loss diet to see faster results. Hopefully, with these postpartum weight loss exercises, you will soon own the desired physique.

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