April 12, 2024

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5 Secrets Your Packaging Business Must Follow

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Every year more than 30,000 products are introduced in the market. Only 5% of them succeed in establishing their position. The consumers of today have become busy. They do not have time to compare the pros and cons of different products placed in the retail aisles. So they normally pick up the products which have attractive packaging. The way you design your custom printed boxes play an important role in differentiating your products from competitors. Especially the growing startups need to create noticeable package designs to succeed in a retail environment. The purchase decision is just a matter of seconds. For this reason, the Packaging Wholesalers make untiring efforts to make your product a big success. They work exceptionally on the design of product boxes to create a great shelf impact and appeal to a group of masses. Here we are going to highlight five secrets your packaging must follow:

Choose The Right Color:

 Choosing an appropriate color for your product packaging boxes is one of the most influential decisions. About 90% of the impulse buying decisions are based just on it. A perfect color can make your design pop by giving it a unified appearance. Keep your brand identity and target audience in mind while making a choice. There are some specific associations people make with different colors. For example, a color box packaging designed by using red, yellow, or orange symbolizes love, energy, impulsivity, warmth, hunger, and determination. These three colors are commonly used in food packaging businesses to design restaurant to-go boxes. On the other hand, colors like blue, black, and purple show royalty, muscularity, and authority. They are used to design custom product boxes of watches, perfumes, cosmetics, and other high-value goods. Green color often associates with health and nature. Therefore, the printing and packaging companies used it to design eco-friendly product boxes wholesale to show their environmental concern. Thus, the importance of choosing an appropriate color is hard to deny.

Go for Appropriate Shape:

The shape of your custom printed box entirely depends upon the specifications of your product. You might have noticed that the packaging for masculine products is mostly rectangular, while those of feminine products are often curvier or any other delicate shape. It’s not a coincidence; rather, psychology is hidden behind such packaging design. Similarly, using innovative shapes to design your packaging boxes wholesale is the best way to increase the visibility of your products. You can use custom round boxes, a triangle shipping box, sleeve packaging, or anything which best fits your product.

Make it Easy to Understand:

Customers have very little time to understand what your product is all about. The way you design your wholesale product packaging contributes a lot in this regard. This makes your products more comprehensible for the customers. Always use simple language to explain its features. A heap of colors can make the information unclear and give a misleading effect. Minimalistic designs work best to make your brand stand out. Design your packaging cardboard boxes by using graphics which themselves explain the nature of your product. Let us take the example of this medicated soap packaging. The custom small boxes are designed minimally in white to highlight important about the product. The image of an aloe Vera plant self explains its major ingredient.

Make Some Parts Of Your Packaging See-Through:

One of the interesting box packaging ideas is to let some parts of your product shine through the package. You can do this by designing your custom product packaging with windows or die-cut patterns. A lot of research demonstrates that if some part of your package looks transparent, it will encourage the purchase behavior. Moreover, if the customer is not familiar with your product, seeing through the custom size box will dramatically increase his trust in your brand. Moreover, the custom packaging companies have unlimited options to work on the shape of die-cuts. They may design them in circular or linear patterns or use interesting illustrations to make the product shine through. These cardboard product boxes for pasta packaging are a good example of it. They are designed with a small custom cut-out to let the customers view different shapes of pasta.

Encourage Interactivity:

Another secret for the success of your packaging business lies in interactivity. Design product boxes in a way that customers can interact with them in a better way. For example, in addition to providing transparency, you can give your packaging a unique texture that the potential customers want to touch them. Similarly, an embossed pattern or a foil stamped logo can make the customers interact with your customized cardboard boxes. In the case of beauty product boxes, use inserts or little sections to place items and their parts separately. This facilitates the customers to easily find the product of their choice. Another interactive way is to allow the customers to smell the product without opening the package boxes. This idea works well for homemade products like soaps, and candles.

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