July 14, 2024

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4 benefits of the jamboree-Lumiere research scholarship program

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What is research scholarship?

The scholarship is considered to be a part of the research process that adds an element of depth to the researched work. The research includes a sustained, well-inquired piece of work that has all the proofs for the statements in the research paper and leaves no doubts for the readers.

Students need to create research papers for their graduate, post-graduate and doctoral degrees. This thesis or research work if are top-notch ensures a hefty scholarship to the students.

Benefits of research work:

  • It increases the interest of the students to learn something new and go in depth and acknowledge the details of their subject.
  • While doing research, students remain in close proximity of the faculty members and learn their particular area of interest.
  • You learn various life skills such as communication, professionalism and, time management.
  • Assisting or working with the faculty members or the research workers prepares you for real-life experiences.

Jamboree-Lumiere research scholarship programme:

  • Professional research workers/mentors:

Jamboree provides you with a 12-week Lumiereresearch scholarship programme with an attempt to initiate students in the research work for their career. They have the world’s renowned and professional research workers who provide you with guidance and 1-on-1 sessions to ensure that you are provided with all the solutions to your queries and given the priority.

Unique research sheets are provided by the professionals to ensure a student’s interests. The mentors are either in a selective Ph.D. program or have finished their Ph.D. These mentors include the Stanford scholars, Rhodes scholars, and researchers whose work has been published in BBC or Economists.

  • Variety of subjects to choose from:

Jamboree provides students with the opportunity to choose from various subjects according to their interests and curriculum. Some of these subjects are physics, chemistry, computer science, data science, environment, international relations, psychology and, many more.

  • Personalized sessions with mentors:

Jamboree ensures that equal and complete-time is devoted to a student without any distractions and hence provides with 1-on-1 sessions with the research workers. It is a 12-week program that includes 9 personalized sessions with research mentors, 2 personalized sessions with an expert writing coach to enhance your writing skills, 2 personalized sessions with a jamboree counselor who works non-stop to provide you with expert opinions and guidance throughout your research work. They ensure that you are comfortable with your mentor and are able to grasp the concept and their ideology.

They have a detailed and well-maintained per-week research program. The first week is assigned to meet with your mentor and get acquainted with your topic, week 2-4 includes exploring the topic and researching the queries, week 5-10 includes writing the research paper and preparing an itinerary with your research mentors, week 11-12 includes finalizing the research work and discussing it with your mentors and writing coach. Jamboree not only provides guidance with research sheets but also provides the necessary mentoring for GMAT, SAT exams. They also provide you with a certificate that is acknowledged all over the world and benefits you while seeking admission or a job.

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