April 15, 2024

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14 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid with Custom Printed Box

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Packaging of any product needs to be handled carefully. A brand must know what to do so that they avoid any mistakes which can negatively affect the business. Packaging is what gives the first impression of your merchandise. This impression must be a good one if you want your business to get and keep customers. You have to focus on some points which will allow you to create the best boxes.

The following are 14 common mistakes you should avoid with a custom printed box:

1. Not knowing who your customers are

Those businesses that do not do their research on who their customer base is, will not be able to create packaging catered to them. Therefore, the right consumers who will make a purchase will not be drawn towards the product. Sales will be negatively impacted in this way.

2. Selecting the wrong materials

Printed boxes need to be made with strong material. It is a mistake to avoid the features of your product which will dictate what material is best for the box. You need to choose sturdy stuff like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. The material should not have dangerous chemicals that can harm the products inside.

3. Not choosing sustainable materials

Custom printed boxes made from materials that harm the environment are not good. Packaging can lead to much pollution therefore it is important to choose “green” materials. Many customers are demanding that brands use these for packaging purposes.

4. Wrong size box

Printed boxes wholesale gotten in the wrong size will not be good for the business. They will be wasting money on the packaging material that is not needed. Transportation costs will also be more. The safety of the merchandise inside gets affected.

If the box is really large movement occurs that can damage the product. If it is too small the box can break harming the items within.

5. Wrong shape box

A brand may want to stand out by choosing a unique shaped box. This is only a good idea if that shape does not compromise the safety of the merchandise within. Sometimes the shape is such that it cannot stand properly on a store shelf. It may fall. This will harm what is within the box.

6. Not including details on the packaging

Custom printed cardboard boxes that do not inform shoppers about what the product is are not helpful. Packaging should be used to let people know what you are selling.

The business should include important details about the product. For instance, if the item is a food one then the ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturing, and expiry dates, health warnings, quantity, flavor, etc. need to be included.

7. Including too many details on the packaging

On the other hand, you need to avoid including too much information on the custom printed box. When this is done it confuses people. The box design does not look good as well.

Consumers decide to buy something in some seconds. If you do not let them immediately know what you are selling, they will avoid buying from you.

8. Choosing the wrong font

Those brands that ignore typography are making a mistake. The font you choose to include information on printed boxes must be a good one.

It should be attractive and also of the right size. Consumers should be able to read it. The color should not get blended in the background.

9. Exaggerating images

Some companies include an image of the product on custom printed boxes. This is fine only when the picture is not exaggerated. If this is done consumers will get the wrong expectations. You need to make the image match what you are selling. When the box gets opened, no consumer should be dissatisfied by what they see.

10. Packaging attracting the wrong consumer base

Boxes that are designed without researching the customer base may end up attracting the wrong shoppers. This needs to be avoided for products like cigarettes, CBD ones, etc.

If you have designed them to be colorful and bright with popular cartoon images, kids will think that the product is for them, even though these items need to stay away from children. Therefore, as said above you need to know who your customer base is and design packaging accordingly.

11. Not asking for a sample when ordering wholesale packaging

Printed boxes wholesale can benefit some businesses. If you want to avail the advantages you must ask for a sample box of the idea you want. Any mistake may happen and if you do not notice this then you will get bulk packaging with that mistake.

This is why you need to ask for a sample. You can then fix anything wrong before getting wholesale packaging.

12. Not considering trends

Trends in packaging need to be known concerning your product. The brands who ignore these will not know what is attracting consumers towards buying a product. You will not be able to have a recognizable design. Trends help one get ideas concerning colors, designs, etc.

13. Not increasing brand awareness

Custom printed cardboard boxes should be used to increase brand awareness. A business must print its logo so that its products can be recognized. Other details must be added to the box like the physical address of the company, contact number, email address, social media links, etc.

14. Ignoring color psychology

Color psychology is important and it is a mistake if a brand does not research this. Colors influence the way people feel. You can use these to encourage sales. For instance, white signifies purity and innocence. Red is seen as a color of passion. If you want to get the best custom printed box, you must avoid any mistakes in packaging. You need to keep your customer, product, etc. in mind. Choose the best material which will keep your product safe.

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